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A test case involves an actual company or event that occurred. A test scenario uses a fake event that could occur. A test scenario is a simulation where the parameters can be changed to manipulate the results.

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What is the difference between worst case and best case scenario of sorting techniques?


Difference between droppiong a civil suite case and its dismissal instead?

um the one with the body in it makes it heavier >.<

What is difference between test case and test scenario?

A test case represents the compilation of the test scenario, test script and expected results. Whereas the test script only represents the description of the input used to validate the assertion captured in the test requirement.

Difference between test-case and test-suite and test data?

A test case is a set of conditions to determine whether an application is working properly. A test suite is a group of test cases merged together to get an overall outcome. Test data is used to analyze results.

What is the definition of a worst case scenario?

The definition of a worst case scenario is pretty much self explanatory. A worst case scenario is the worst thing that could happen in a given situation.

What is the difference between case study and interview?

different between interview and case study

Difference between desktop case and tower case?

what is the defference between tower case and desktop Type your answer here...

What is the worse case scenario for a foundation?

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What is a server's physical case?

what is the difference between a server physical case and a client case

When was Worst Case Scenario - song - created?

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What is the difference between test data and test script?

Test case is a smallest unit of test to test the specific functionality. Test case have pre and post condition, actions, steps and expected result. Test script is a set of statements to test the positive scenario of the functionality

What is the difference between 9mm and 380acp?

Case length.

What is a best case scenario?

A best case scenario means the best possible outcome out of a number of choices. This is often used in forecasting success or failure.

Common Civil cases in Philippines?

difference between a civil case & a criminal case

What is the difference between nominative case and objective case?

the cases of pronoun are nomitative angglkljg

What is the difference between guaranteed basis and current basis insurance?

Current is based on todays rates, guaranteed is a minimum rate. Look at the guaranteed side as worst case scenario. You really should have had this explained to you by your agent. Fire him. 4lifeguild

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There is electrical potential difference between out side of the cell and inside of the cell, in case of the polarized neuron. This electrical difference is lost in case of depolarization. That is what can be said roughly.

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What is the difference between Title case and Sentence case?

The difference is Title case all words begin with capital. In sentence, only the first word begin with capital, the rest in low case.

What is the difference between polymer and resin?

The main difference between polymer and resin is the chain length. In case of polymer the chain length is large and in case of resin the chain length is small

Which is the worst case scenario?

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What is the difference between 1 and 15?

The difference between two numbers is the biggest minus the smallest, in this case 15-1 = 14

Why a partnership agreement is necessary?

You need a very detailed agreement to spell out what happens in a worst case scenario and a best case scenario and everything in between. Usually you have a board of directors who can arbitrate, mediate, etc in case of disagreements. And you will have disagreements on a lot of things: how much cash to pay each of the partners, if any, when to expand. What products to sell and where.

What is a project assumption?

A business scenario that the project will not address because it is already the case (or not the case).

What is the difference between cyanobacteria and green plants?

the main difference is that in case of cyanobacteria phycobillin proteins are present on psI while in case of plants there is no such protein

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