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Q: What is differences with the American drums?
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Why were drums used in the American Civil War?

Drums were used in the American Civil war, to show that the war had begun.

What were native drums for?

native American drums were used for celebrations like a pow wow

Do all Native American tribes used drums?

Yes all indian tribes use drums

Did they have drums during the American Civil War?


Where can i get the guitar hero world tour drums and microphone?

if you are american, there is drums and microphone for $90 for Xbox 360 on amazon

How do drums modify vibrations to change the tone?

Some drums like the Timpani drums have pedals that when moved change the tension on the head, causing differences in tone and vibrations.When the head of the drum is loose it creates bigger sound waves at a lower speed.

What is the differences between cellos and clarinets and drums?

Principally, a Cello is a string instrument. A Clarinet is a woodwind instrument and drums are a percussion instrument. Cello are usually played with a bow, they can be plucked. Clarinets are played by blowing into them with the correct fingering, and drums are sounded by striking them.

What music Sikhs play?

Well they can play loads of things like cowbells, drums, conga drums, bongo drums, maracas, symbols, etc. Their type of music is Latin American :D(L)

How were drums used in ancient times and how are they used nowadays?

Most drums are still used exactly the same way they were used in ancient times in festivals, music, communication and battle marches. The differences between then and now are that the variety of drums have increased and most were incorporated into modern day music.

How do poor Indian communities communicate?

American Indian:Smoke signals or drums (Boy's Life)

When were bongo drums invented?

The bongo drums were created in the late 1800's to early 1900's. A exact date is not known. They originated from Cuba for Latin American Dances.

What instrument was All American Rejects' Nick Wheeler playing before he switched to guitar?