What is different between distance learning and E learning?

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Distance Learning "Distance learning" is an instructional delivery system that connects learners, regardless of their location, with educational resources. As distance learning normally occurs in a different place from teaching, it requires special techniques of course design, instructional design and communication. Distance learning uses technology to make possible new approaches to the teaching/learning process, rather than simply the addition of technology to instruction. eLearning "eLearning" is a term that refers to a broad range of electronically distributed teaching and training materials. It most commonly refers to anytime, anywhere electronic or computer-supported learning and is often associated with online courses.
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What is the difference between learned and learned?

The British English way of the past tense word learn is learnt. The American English way of the past tense word learn is learned. "Learnt" is more used in UK and Canada while "Learned" is more used in USA In addition, either term can be used as an adjective ("the learnt material" vs "the learne ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between learning and teaching?

Learning : is the desired change in the behavior of the individual results from passing a certain expertise. Teaching : This is to help the individual to learn. Or the activities and operations carried out by the teacher to facilitate the learning process Learning : the throry pertain to t ( Full Answer )

What is difference between learning and education?

Learning is a first order activity a species engages in for self benefit (Survival). In human beings, learning is a process in which someone comes to know something. The learning can be: (1) guided and intentional (on the part of the learner); (2) unguided and intentional; (3) guided and uninten ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between maturation and learning?

both maturation and learning bring about a relatively permanent change in behaviour. however, maturity is a genetic process, which means it is natural and cannot be initiated or affected by any human activity. on the other hand, learning is a process through which one acquires knowledge, skills, awa ( Full Answer )

Differences between acquisition and learning?

Learning refers to any relatively permanent change in behavior. Acquisition refers to a stage of either Operant or Classical Conditioning/Learning, in which the subject of the experiment learns to associate one behavior with a consequence or one stimuli with another.

What is the difference between learn and learned?

Learn is the infinitive (basic) form of the verb "to learn." Learn is the present tense form for all subjects except third-person singular (he or she), which uses learns. Learnt is a past and past-participle form of the verb "to learn." It is primarily a British word, although it may also be ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between learn and teach?

Learn is to receive knowledge as a student e.g. A student says: I learnt how to solve the equation. Teach is to give out the knowledge e.g. A teacher says: I taught the students today.

The different between learning and acquisition?

Learning is acquisition, but acquisition is not necessarily learning. When one learns, that person acquires knowledge. Acquire means to gain something or to receive something. Learning is a gaining of knowledge. These are not dictionary definitions by no means. Try looking them up in a dictionary. I ( Full Answer )

What is difference between learn and study?

Learn means, to gain knowledge or skills by study, experience, or being taught. Study means, to devote time and attention to gain knowledge on an academic subj, esp. by means of books. SO, learn - by the help of the one who teaches you, teacher, .... study- learn sth by yourself (taking en ( Full Answer )

What is difference between learning online and learning in class?

There are many differences. For example, online classes tend to be less formal and more flexible then regular classes. Some people find them easier, as the stress of the professor being in the room is not present, but be warned: it is much easier to forget assignments and justify procrastination whe ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between education and learning?

Education is the imparting of information and methods and gaining experience in a particular subject. The teacher imparts the things you need to learn. It is up to you to remember the information, process the information, know the information, use it practically and do well with the subject. If you ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between learning and thinking?

"Think about what you have learned" is a common expression. I findthis helps to undertand what the difference is. Clearly there is adifference, yet they are quite similar. "Thinking" would be takingthe time to consider something before making a decision, orreaching a solid conclusion. "Learning" wou ( Full Answer )

Difference between supervised and unsupervised learning?

well , in supervised learning there must be a human (a teacher) to intervened , i.e. the desired response of the system is already known so the network is make the system to respond as the desired one. in unsupervised learning is the exact opposite of the supervised, in whichThe outputs are not know ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between online learning and distance learning?

Distance learning may or may not be online. Lot of correspondece courses (distance learning) are through paper written notes and exams are conducted after a period in offline mode i.e paper based exams In online learning, the learning material is digital and exams may or may be conducted in offline ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between training and learning?

Training is a conscious attempt to develop certain skills of any person/group. It is well planned, organized in a systematic manner. Learning : This is a continuous process every step and stage we learn lot of new things.

The difference between teaching and learning?

Teaching and learning are integrated with each other. Instructor is the one who teaches and students are the ones who learn. So both the terms have some interdependency.

Differences between assessment of learning and assessment for learning?

Assessment of Learning - testing the knowledge retention when a a person is educated in a subject matter . Assessment for Learning - is establishing the skills level a person has before they undertake any learning. e.g. If training a person to measure 2 pieces of wood, fix together to gain a l ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between learned and inherited behaviors?

Among humans, learned behaviors are taught to us by our parents, our culture, our peers, or our schools. For example, a baby does not know to say "thank you" when given something; this will be learned as the baby gets old enough to use language and to link together the receipt of something with the ( Full Answer )

Difference between instinctive and learned behaviors?

Instinctive behaviors are those that are innate and do not have to be learned. They are behaviors an animal is born to display. An example of this would be animal courtship. A learned behavior is something that must be learned and does not come pre-programmed into their brains. It must be shaped ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a trainer and a learning specialist?

I assume you mean a Profession Trainer and a Specialization Trainer? Profession trainers are your basic trainers that will teach you most of your recipes, whereas Specialization trainers will teach you a subset of a profession. For instance: BLACKSMITHING (Main Profession) Armorsmithing (Specia ( Full Answer )

Difference between a learning and physical disabilities?

according to wordreference.com a learning disability is: a disorder found in children of normal intelligence who have difficulties in learning specific skills physical disability: disability to perform a physical act, or mental disability

What is the difference between a motivation and a learning theory?

Motivation is a flexible dynamic activity to inspire and expend energy towards intergration of individual interests and the objectives to be accomplished ensuing satisfaction by participation. Learning theories are rigid structured forms to accomplish the goals by mere participation only and may no ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between latent and insight learning?

I'll give you Similarities and differences: Similarities first: -in both, unobservable mental calculations are done (in insight this is done in the incubation stage, in observational learning this is the cognitive map) -the learning appears to be "sudden", in one moment/trial it appears that the ( Full Answer )

What is difference between cognitive learning and conditional learning?

connitive learning is related to mental activity . where learning takes place with the help of -practical activity i.e. learning by doing. here higher level of mental activity is involed like -- thinking, critical thinking ,reflect thinking. conditional learning is associated with condition i.e. in ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between 'learned' and 'have learned'?

Learned is simple past tense, which shows that the action startedand ended before now. Have learned is present perfect, which showsthat the action happened at an unspecified time in the past and hassome effect on the present.