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Q: What is diffrerence between asteroidea and crinoidea?
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Differences between sea urchins and sea cucumbers?

Echinoderms are a category of sea invertebrates; there are 5 groups of echinoderms, Asteroidea, Crinoidea, Echinoidea, Holothuroidea and Ophiuroidea. A sea cucumber is a holothuroidea; their lengthy body surrounded by leathery skin identifies holothuroideas. A sea lily is a crinoidea; crinoidea feed off the seabed with a mouth at the top of their body.

What is an example of a ophiuroidea?

A example of an ophiuroidea is a sea star or a star fish. They are part of the five different echinoderm groups: Crinoidea, Asteroidea, Ophiuroidea, Echinoidea, Holothuroidea.

What are the classes of echinoderm?

These are the classes of Echinoderms:1.Asteroidea - star fish, sea stars2.Ophiuroidea - brittle stars3.Echinoidea - sea urchins4.Crinoidea - feather stars5.Holothuroidea - sea cucumbers

What is diffrerence between asteroidea and ophiuroidea?

The main difference between asteroids and ophiuroids is the way that the rays, or arms, attach to the body. In ophiuroids, the arms are not joined to each other and the body and arms are clearly separated, but in the asteroids the arms are joined to each other and the boundary between arms and the central disc is blurred. #CaseyS

What are the 3 types of echinoderms?

Echinoderms are a phylum of marine animals. I dont know what is ment by 'the three types' as there are 5 living classes : Crinoidea (Sea lilies), Asteroidea (starfish), Ophiuroidea (brittle stars ), Echinoidea (sea urchins and sand dollars) and Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers). The most commonly observed being Asteroidea, Echinodea and Holothuroide as Crinoidea are generally benthic sessile creatures and most Ophiuroidea are benthic and photophobic so even the littoral ones are rarely seen during the day,

What are the five echinoderm classes?

The 5 living classes of echinoderms are Asteroidea (sea stars) Crinoidea (sea lillies) Echinoidea (sea urchins and sand dollars) Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers) Ophiuroidea (brittle stars and basket stars)

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The difference is 4

What has the author Frank Springer written?

Frank Springer has written: 'American Silurian crinoids' -- subject(s): Crinoidea, Fossil, Paleontology, Fossil Crinoidea 'On the fossil crinoid family Catillocrinidae' -- subject(s): Crinoidea, Fossil, Fossil Crinoidea 'Cleiocrinus' -- subject(s): Crinoidea, Fossil, Fossil Crinoidea 'Crinoids from the Upper Cretaceous of Tamaulipas, Mexico' -- subject(s): Crinoidea, Fossil, Fossil Crinoidea 'Address delivered by Hon. Frank Springer at dedication of new Museum building, Santa Fe, N. M., November 25, 1917' -- subject(s): Museum of New Mexico 'The Crinoidea flexibilia (with an atlas of A.B.C. and 76 plates)' -- subject(s): Fossil Crinoidea 'Some new American fossil crinoids' -- subject(s): Crinoidea, Fossil, Echinodermata, Fossil, Paleontology, Fossil Crinoidea, Fossil Echinodermata 'Dazzler' 'The fossil crinoid genus Dolatocrinus and its allies' -- subject(s): Crinoidea, Fossil, Crinoidea, Fossil Crinoidea

How many types of sea urchins?

Sea star or starfish (Asteroidea)Brittle stars, basket stars, serpent stars (Ophiuroidea)Sea urchins, heart urchins and sanddollars (Echinoidea)Holothurians or sea cucumbers (Holothuroidea)Feather stars and sea lilies (Crinoidea).

What has the author Charles Wachsmuth written?

Charles Wachsmuth has written: 'Revision of the Palaeocrinoidea' -- subject(s): Crinoidea, Fossil, Fossil Crinoidea, Paleontology 'The North American Crinoidea camerata'

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