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It is the processing (changing) of color images using a computer.

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Q: What is digital colour image processing?
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What is digital image processing?

Image processing is the method of processing data in the form of an image. Image processing is not just the processing of image but also the processing of any data as an image. It provides security.

Applications of digital signal processing?

-image processing -sound processing.

What are the types of image processing?

there are two types of image processing. 1.analog

What is image acquisition in digital image processing?

It is the creation of digital image, typically from a physical scene. The term assumed to imply or include processing,compression, storage, printing, and display of such image.

Latest seminar topics on digital image processing?

please tell me ... which recent topics are going in digital image processing for research area .

What is difference between digital image processing and digital signal processing?

Digital Image Processing is a type of Digital manipulation pertaining to pictures and video. "Photoshopping" a digital picture is an example of Digital Image Processing. Another example is what takes place in a digital camera when the image is captured on the image sensor and converted into a JPEG file to be saved on a memory card. Digital Signal Processing is a generic term for any manipulation of a Digitally encoded signal, such as Audio, Video, or Radio Signals. This also includes Digital Image Processing where there is a signal being sent from one part of a system to another, such as in a digital camera. There are Microprocessors that are specifically built to process digital signals known as "Digital Signal Processors" (or DSP's).

What is the difference between image processing and digital image processing?

Digital uses mega pixels ... vs film resolution is based on the area u have to record the image

What is the difference in image clarity in digital image processing and optical image processing?

Digital image is depending on the camera resolotion, where optical image depends on the quality of the film. Normally an optical image will be better then a digital image, unless you are using high end digital camera. I hope this helps, Icko

What is the Advantage of image acquisition in digital image processing?

Without image acquisition you have no image to process.

Fundamental components of digital image processing?

The fundamental components of digital image processing are computer-based algorithms. Digital image processing allows a much wider range of algorithms to be applied to the input data and can avoid problems such as the build-up of noise and signal distortion during processing.

What has the author Rafael C Gonzalez written?

Rafael C. Gonzalez has written: 'Digital Image processing using MATLAB' -- subject(s): Mathematics, Image processing, MATLAB, Digital techniques 'Syntactic pattern recognition' -- subject(s): Formal languages, Machine theory, Pattern perception 'Digital image processing' -- subject(s): Digital techniques, Image processing

What is an image in digital image processing?

It is something composed from pixels or vectors (if vector graphic processing is used by the application).

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