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Direct management may mean a company which itself controls the complete process from production to sale, i.e. a family owned business. There are no intermediary companies and/or agents in the process.

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Q: What is direct management?
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How are direct control and indirect control different?

Direct Conflict Management is to figure it out or avoidance. Indirect Conflict Management is it seems to appeal a common goal. The difference between direct and indirect conflict management is direct conflict management is to figure it out or avoidance, and indirect conflict management is to appeal a common goal.

Who does pr for Adam Lambert?

Direct Management Group

What is a direct labor budget?

Direct labor budget tells the management that how much direct labor is required to finish the production of units.

What method management did the french use with their colonies?

The method of management used by the French with their colonies was direct control.

Nims. Which position is responsible for the direct management of all incident-related tactical activities?

The Operations Section Chief is responsible for the direct management of all incident-related tactical activities. NIMS stands for National Incident Management System.

What are the examples of direct labor?

management cost that involved budgeting and planning

What are the sources of audit evidence?

management evidences and direct conformation evidence

What is difference between personal management and human resource management?

One is direct and to the point. The other is beating around the bush.

What are the direct and hidden costs in material management?

A direct cost for material management would be the cost of the materials themselves. A hidden cost would be the cost to ship the materials or to store the materials until they are needed for production.

Discuss the functions of management?

Management is required to oversee their employees. They also direct, lead and control their actions with business practices and procedures.

Is Adam Lambert represented by William Morris?

No. His management company is DMG, Direct Management Group, who also represents Katy Perry.

How human resources management evolved from personnel management?

In what several ways human resource manages can have a direct impact on organizational performance.