What is dirty sprite?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Dirty Sprite is the soft drink Sprite mixed with some sort of cold medicine, often NyQuil or a kind of cough syrup. The drink doesn't taste good, and is very dangerous to drink.

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Q: What is dirty sprite?
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Can you Take Tylenol with sprite?

Yes. It is used in dirty sprite

Why can drpepper and sprite clean dirty pennies?

Because its acids clean the penny

Do you need prescrib cough syrup for dirty sprite?

Unless you can find over the counter cough syrup with codeine

How can you make dirty sprite with NyQuil?

Yea you can use a 2 liter sprite jug and drink the sprite to the top of the green tag then add the NyQuil into it and throw in some jolly ranchers for flavor just made some last week

Can sprite water Dr pepper or 7 up clean a dirty penny?

yes because all of the chemicals in the sodas can make a compound to clean the dirty penny!

What to drink if you have a dirty stomach?

Aloe Vera makes u vomit cleans your stomach right out

How do you make dirty sprite?

go to your local walgreens with I.D , and ask for some dxm cough syrup . I suggest not mixing the sprite and the cough syrup directly together as it is a lot harder to get down. Chug a good amount of the bottle chasing after with the sprite. Turn on some good tunes and hallucinate your wildest dreams

What is a sentence with sprite?

A sentence with sprite is the sprite supplier of all sprite is is the coca cola company.

What year was sprite invented?

when was sprite invented ! == == when was sprite invented ! == ==

Can you make lean with dayquil cold pills?

Yeah if its a sleeping pill or sum sort just i prefer condien but yeah crush the pill up and put it in your dirty sprite.

Can you use Benadryl for dirty sprite?

yes dude you can just ensure you put enough to make the spirte turn color a couple drops of a liquor of your choice and your one your way

Where Can you Get The Mario Sprite?

On a sprite website