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Q: What is disadvantages for rolling friction?
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How is rolling friction caused?

How is rolling friction caused

Which friction has least value option sliding friction static friction rolling friction Air friction?

i think it it rolling friction

Is the limiting friction is always less then rolling friction?

no limiting friction is not less than rolling friction

What are the three types of friction and when does each apply?

There are three types of friction, static friction, rolling friction, and sliding friction. Static friction is friction between two surfaces that aren't moving relatively to each other. Rolling friction is friction between a rolling object and the surface that it is rolling on. Sliding friction is friction where an object slides, or rubs against, another surface.

What is the Direction of friction for a rolling body?

The direction of friction of a rolling body is in opposite direction to the motion of the rolling body.

How rolling friction is less than spliding?

rolling friction is 1/100 less than spliding friction

Is sliding friction greater than rolling friction?

Typically not. However rolling friction is somewhat of a myth. Rolling friction is actually caused by static friction. There are really only two types of friction: Static and Kinetic. That's it! Rolling friction is caused by static friction and the coefficient of friction (which determines its strength) is dependent upon the two materials of interaction.

Tell you some apllications of rolling friction?

A wheel is an example of rolling friction. An example of rolling friction would be if you took kyle leary and folled him down a hill. his fat touching the grond would create rolling friction

Why is rolling friction is lesser than sliding friction?

due to the less surface area rolling friction is lesser than sliding friction

What is rolling friction and what does it do?

In general rolling friction is any friction specifically related to the rolling motion. The friction on the axle to hub bearing, the tire flexing, the tire tread on the surface of the road and so on.

What forces act on a rolling ball?

It acts as a rolling friction or rolling resistance when it starts to roll on a flat surface , it resists the direction of rotation of the object in both clock wise and anti clock wise direction.

What is the strongest type of friction?

There are four types of friction: Fluid Friction (The friction caused by falling through air or water, or any other liquid etc), rolling friction (Like a ball rolling across the floor), static friction (The force it takes to begin something's movement), and sliding friction(Like pushing a box across the floor). In order of strongest to weakest it's Static, Sliding, Rolling, Fluid.