What is diverging mirror?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is diverging mirror?
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Is a diverging mirror always concave?

a diverging mirror is a convex mirror.

Why convex mirror called diverging mirror?

A convex mirror reflects light in diverging directions due to its shape.

Why is a convex mirror sometimes called a diverging mirror?

Wherever the source of light is, after reflection by the surface of a convex mirror the rays would go always diverged. Hence the name "diverging mirror"

Is a torch mirror concave or convex?

it is a convex mirror as it produces diverging waves

Does Other name of convex mirror diverging mirror?

Yes...convex mirror diverges light ray that is parallel to the principle axis. The reflected light ray when traced backwards appears to be diverging from principal focus.

What is another name for a convex lens?

Concave and convex can refer the types of lenses used to treat refractive errors in the eyes. Concave is another word for myopic lens and convex is another name for a hyperopic lens also known as nearsighted and farsighted respectively

How do a concave mirror and convex mirror differ?

A concave mirror, or converging mirror, has a reflecting surface that bulges inward (away from the incident light). A convex mirror, fish eye mirror or diverging mirror, is a curved mirror in which the reflective surface bulges toward the light source.

Why can the image formed by a convex mirror not be projected on a screen?

Beacuse the image is formed behind the mirror after reflection. The image appears to be diverging from the Principal Focus.

What type of mirror produces only diverging rays?

The convex mirrors produces the diverging rays. I hope this would be enough.

What is the different between concave and convex mirror light?

Concave mirror would have the surface curved out get coated with mercury hence curved in surface would reflect the rays fallen on. But convex mirror would have the surface curved in get coated with mercury hence curved out surface would reflect the rays fallen on. Concave mirror would have both converging and diverging ability. When light coming from an object placed at a distance higher than its focal length right from the pole of the mirror, converging takes place. But the object lies in between pole and the focus diverging action. But in convex mirror irrespective of the placement of the object only diverging phenomenon. Concave mirror used as shaving mirror and dentists too use them Convex mirror is used as rear view mirror in case of vehicles near by the driver.

Why does right outside view mirror message say objects may appear closer?

It is because from the point of view of the driver, the virtual image created by the convex (diverging) mirror subtends a smaller angle than a plane mirror.

Why real image don't form in plane mirror?

When diverging rays from a point source fall on the plane mirror, after reflection would once again diverge and never get a chance of converging. So any diverging rays cannot form a real image and they are considered to be coming from one point and that point is taken to be the virtual image.