What is dlc package?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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a package that you can download to help in Video Games

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Q: What is dlc package?
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What maps are being added to modern warfare 2?

In the Stimulus Package DLC there is: Salvage Crash Storm Overgrown Bailout And in the Resurgence Package DLC there is: Trailer Park Fuel Vacant Strike Carnival

Is wade barret in smackdown vs raw 2011?

yes he is in DLC PACKAGE # 2

Why isn't hurricane in the WWE smackdown vs raw 2010 game?

well like Yoshi tatsu,Zack ryder,sheamus they are going to be DLC I bet the hurricane will be DLC too because they are having ECW DLC package....... Also this is not confirmed but the package may come with a old ECW stage like December to dismember or ECW one night stand 2006

What are all the Halo 3 maps?

Assembly (DLC)Avalanche (DLC)Blackout (DLC)Citadel (DLC)Cold Storage (DLC)ConstructEpitaphFoundry (DLC)Ghost Town (DLC)GuardianHeritic (DLC)High GroundIsolationLast ResortLongshore (DLC)NarrowsOrbital (DLC)Rat's Nest (DLC)Sandbox (DLC)SandtrapSnowboundStandoff (DLC)The PitValhalla

Serious Sam hd the first encounter is it the whole game?

Yep. You can also buy the Fusion DLC pack to get the First and Second Encounters in one package.

When is the stimulis package for modern warfare 2 playstation 3 going to come out?

The Stimulus Package DLC will be available on PlayStation Store on May 4th for North America and May 5th for the rest of the world.

Is Skyrim's DLC Dawnguard free?

No, it is paid-for DLC.

How much is the Littlebigplanet 2 Move Pack at the PlayStation store?

The Add On package is available for $9.99 and is the biggest DLC with 5 giant story levels and 7 side levels

Do you need all the DLCs on mw3 to play them?

If you buy one dlc you can play anything on that dlc but if you want to play an other dlc you need to buy that dlc

When is the Black Ops 2 DLC being released?

There is no more dlc. Apocalypse was the last dlc released.

What dlc do you get with the halo reach console?

nothing no dlc

How do get specact guns on battlefield bad company 2?

The SPECACT guns and camo (guns and player) on BC2 were originally available as a purchased DLC; later editions have included them as part of the game package.