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The fennec fox is in no danger of becoming extinct.

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Jack rabbits that live in the desert, and judging by the categories, foxes, elephants, and Fennec Foxes.

Foxes didn't choose to have "large" ears and they don't. You may have seen the Fennec fox, they do have quite big ears. Why? They are desert foxes and must hear their prey. The desert is pretty calm and quiet, so the Fennec must hear for any prey possible. But no, not all foxes have large ears.

There are African Wild Dogs, Red Foxes, Fennec Foxes, Bat Eared Foxes, Kit Foxes, Gray Wolves, Maned Wolves, Ethiopian Wolves, Dingos, (Hyenas are not canines, believe me) and the rest i am researching for something. Hope these help, oh, and gray foxes along with arctic foxes! :)

Fennec Foxes live in deserts and semi-deserts, found in arid, sandy regions. They dig with great speed to construct intricate burrows which intersect forming a cozy underground community. Their burrows are lined with soft materials such as bits of fur, feathers, and need little vegetation to help strengthen, line, and help them to be comfortable when they sleep.

One of the people who help endangered species are! They have all sorts of stuff to help endangered species like red pandas!

Conservation experts are finding a way to not only help endangered animals but to help the population grow.

The Grey Kangaroo is not in need of any help. It is not endangered.

No, the swift fox is not endangered. It is classified as "Of Least Concern" as it is quite common throughout its range. Click on this link for more information.In 2001, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the species from consideration for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

They have laws to not kill animals.

They are capturing them and helping them to be not endangered.

There are many teams to help jaguars come out of the endangered list

Fennec foxes live in burrows They are nocturnal (only come out at night) Sandy fur provides excellent camouflage They are also small and fast to run away from any predators in sight. They are also very cute! (True, that doesn't help them stay safe, but yeah.)

The Government enact laws to protect and implements recovery programs to reverse the decline endangered species.

Well It already is endangered but they are trying to keep people from keeping them as house pets.

The WWF (An organization to help raise money to save polar bears)

First of all OP is talking about foxes. Like real foxes. These kind to be exact: To OP: It greatly varies from state to state, but there is a great site with a list of breeders of fennec foxes. You will also need a permit, contact a breeder in your state to help you get setup to one one. Here is a list or breeders: The forums don't work as of yet, and if your state isn't listed it is most likely they are illegal to own(double check first by contacting your local wildlife department)

In Vietnam there is a protected area for them and other endangered species.

The Chinese emperor put out a rule to protect them.

The large ears of the fennec act as radiators that help rid the fox of excess heat.

The beaver is not an endangered mammal. Still quite common.

You can help endangered animals by sponsering an animal.

there are many stray cats in the world. there are also wild cats such as tigers that are endangered. If you want to help endangered cats such as those tigers, find out what is being done to help. You could raise money for the foundation trying to help. If you want to help stray cats, go to an animal shelter in town and volunteer there. They could always use an extra hand.

The arctic wolf has some things being done to help protect there species from going extinct and some of those things are captive breeding which is popular for most endangered animals.

nothing at all but we need to do somthing nothing at all but we need to do somthing

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