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What is dry bulb temperature?

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The ordinary thermodynamic temperature of the air, what you would measure with a regular thermometer. This is in contrast to the wet bulb temperature, which is the temperature reached by a wet surface. A classical weather station uses a sling hygrometer to measure the two. This is a pair of thermometers, one of which has a wet covering, something like a sock that can be dipped in water. By measuring both of these the humidity can be determined. Temperature of the free air as measured with a dry thermometer on a sling psychrometer over a grassy surface at a height of approximately 6 feet (1.8 meters).

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What is the dew point when the dry bulb temperature is 14C and the dry bulb temperature is 8C?


When wet bulb temperature and dry bulb temperature are equal?

for air water system wet bulb equals to dry bulb at 100 % relative humidity for that given temperature of air.

What does a wet bulb and a dry bulb measure?

A wet bulb measures the temperature after water evaporation allows to cool and a dry bulb measures air temperature.

What would the dew point temperature be when the wet and dry bulb temperature are the same?

the "current" temperature, ie, the temperature at which wet bulb and dry bulb are the same. when the wet bulb and dry bulb temperaturs equalized the dew point emperature equals them, because the air is saturated now.

What is atmospheric depression?

it is difference between wet bulb temperature and dry bulb temperature.

How do you use a wet bulb thermometer and a dry bulb thermometer?

The wet and dry bulb thermometers are used in conjunction with each other to determine relative humidity. The Dry Bulb temperature (by itself) measures ambient air temperature. The "Dry Bulb" identification indicates that this temperture is not affected by humidity. The Dry Bulb Temperature refers basically to the ambient air temperature. It is called "Dry Bulb" because the air temperature indicated by a thermometer not affected by the moisture content (humidity) of the air. The Wet Bulb temperature is trchnically called "the temperature of adiabatic saturation" It is measured by a thermometer with its bulb wrapped in moist cloth or cotton fiber. Aair passing over the wet bulb evaporates the water from the cloth and cools the bulb. The temperature difference between the dry bulb and wet bulb depends on the humidity of the air. The two tempertures can be placed on a Psychometric diagram (also called a Mollier chart) to determine relative humidity at the dry bulb temperature.

What is a depression temperature?

Dry bulb Temperature - Dew Point Temperature

Why did the wet-bulb temperature record a lower temperature then a dry-bulb temperature?

the evaporation off the moisture on the wet bulb absorbs the heat.

Dry bulb temp is the?

The dry-bulb temperature is the temperature of air measured by a thermometer freely exposed to the air but shielded from radiation and moisture. Dry bulb temperature is the temperature that we usually think of as air temperature. It is the temperature measured by a regular thermometer exposed to the airstream. Unlike wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature does not indicate the amount of moisture in the air. In construction, it is an important consideration when designing a building for a certain climate. Nall called it one of "the most important climate variables for human comfort and building energy efficiency."

How does the difference between the dry bulb temperature and the wet bulb temperature to the relative humidity?

difference between dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature which is usually different from each WBT is always less than DBT!! But at 100% relative humidity both are same!!..

What would happen if a wet bulb had the same temperature as a dry bulb?

That means that there is 100% humidity. Normally evaporation from the wet bulb keeps its temperature lower than the dry bulb. At 100% humidity, there would be no evaporation, so they would show the same temperature.

Why is temperature lower on a wet bulb the a dry bulb?

Because the process of evaporation absorbs heat from the bulb.

What instrument do you use to measure dry bulb and wet bulb temperature?

You use a Hygrometer.

What is the dew-point when the dry bulb temperature is 20C and the relative humidity is 17?

at 17% relative humidity the dew point is -5.8C at a dry bulb of 20C

What is the dew-point temperature when the dry bulb temperature is 16 degrees Celsius and the wet bulb temperature is 11 degrees Celsius?


What is the significance of wet bulb temperature?

dry bulb temperature simply tells us the temperature of dry air.but the comfort also depends on humidity ie. water vapour presents in the air.Wet bulb temperature measures the humidity in the air.Because the evaporation of water in the bulb wick depends on the relative humidity of surrounding air.

What is the dew point temperature when the dry bulb temperature is 24 degrees Celsius and the wet bulb temperature is 22 degrees celsius?

For air it will be 21.1 degrees Celcius

What does it mean when a dry bulb thermometer reads the same temperature as a wet bulb thermometer?

100% RH

On a cold winter day the air temperature is 2C and the wet-bulb temperature is -1C What is the relative humidity at this location?

51%.... open to the Relative Humidity chart in the reference tables. the wet bulb temperature is -1C and the dry bulb temp. is 2C, making a difference of 3C. On RH chart, go down to 3C column (difference between the Wet bulb and dry bulb) until it intersects the dry bulb 2C. At this intersection is 51%

The difference between wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperature is called?

wet-buld depression

What are the functions of a dry bulb thermometer?

A dry bulb thermometer is an ordinary one. It's given this name when it's used to measure air temperature. A wet bulb thermometer takes into account humidity.

Does a hygrometer use a wet and dry bulb?

for hygrometer you would have to use both dry and wet light bulbs. the wet one is to measure the wet bulb temperature.

Is the wet bulb thermometer reading always higher than a dry bulb reading?

No, the wet bulb is always lower. Evaporation from the wet bulb reduces its temperature.

What is the relative humidity of a room having a dry bulb 72 degrees F and a wet bulb temperature of 59 degrees F?

answer is

What cause the wet bulb thermometer to read lower than the dry bulb thermometer?

because the water causes the temperature to be lower