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Q: What is edo state zip code?
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What is the zip code for Edo state Nigeria?


What is the postal code for oyo state?

i need tgo know the Edo state code

Postal code of edo state?


How do I find out if the zip code is for the city or the state?

Each city and state have different zip codes. A zip finder will help you to identify if a zip code belongs to the city or the state. This is the fastest and the easiest way to search for a zip code.

What is the postal code for Edo State in Nigeria?

The heartbeat of Nigeria

The North Carolina Zip Code?

The state itself does not have a ZIP code. However, towns and cities within the state do.

What edo state postal code?"

Which state zip code is 90069?

90069 is a ZIP code for West Hollywood, California

In what state is zip code 09652 located?

There is no record of american Zip code 09652

What is North Carolina's zip code?

A state does not have a zip code. There are hundreds, if not thousands of zip codes in the state of North Carolina. You will have to specify a city or town and the exact address in bigger communities to identify the zip code. The US Postal Service has a zip code finder on their web site.

What is the zip code in puerto vallarta?

Zip code of: 48310, with the state abbreviation of: JA.

What is the state code for ZIP code 00920?

Zip code 00920 is listed to San Juan, Puerto Rico.