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effect on inertia of a body if force is double?

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Q: What is effect on inertia if force is doubled?
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What is effect on inertia if the force doubled?

effect on inertia of a body if force is double?

What force will not effect inertia if its force is zero?

Force does not affect inertia in general. Inertia can basically be identified with the mass.

When the force applied an object is doubled how does the pressure exerted on the object changes?

When the force is doubled the pressure is doubled as well. Read Newton's law.

What will be the effect on the force between two objects if the charges on both are doubled?

If the magnitude of each of two charges is doubled, then the direction of the force between them doesn't change, but its magnitude increases by a factor of 4.

When the masses are doubled and separation is halved what effect do they have on the gravitational force between the masses?

The effect of dubling the massesa and halving the distance is to increase the gravitational force by a factor of 16.

What hppens to the gravitational force when the mass is doubled?

The gravitational force is doubled.

Inertia will not be affected when this type of force is zero.?

Inertia will not be affected when "net" or "net force" is zero.

Is inertia balanced or unbalanced force?

-- "Inertia" is not a force. -- There is no such thing as a single balanced force or a single unbalanced force.

Is a push or pull inertia?

Neither. Inertia is not a force.

Is inertia a push or pull?

Neither. Inertia is not a force.

Which is force times time and which is inertia in motion?

Force times time is Impulse Inertia is mass

What is the effect on the perimeter of a rectangle if the dimension are doubled what is the effect on its perimeter?

A rectangle has two dimensions - length and width. Only if both dimensions are doubled, then the perimeter will be doubled.