What is electromotive interference?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Electro Martin Interference

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Q: What is electromotive interference?
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What is meant by an electromotive force of 12V?

Electromotive force is an old term for voltage.

The standard measure unit of electromotive force?

Electromotive force is measured in volts.

Is electromotive a chemical property?

Electromotive force is a physical phenomenon.

Would the electromotive force be equivalent to voltage?

Yes, voltage is the unit of measure of electromotive force.

What is the virtual exchange particle used by electromotive force?

Electromotive force = electromagnetic force The photon (γ)

Why the unit of potential difference and electromotive force is the same?

Because an electromotive force is a potential difference (voltage) -specifically, an electromotive force is the open-circuit or no-load potential difference of a source such as a battery or generator.

What is the unit of electromotive force?


Is electromotive force a vector quantity?


These makes electricity move?

electromotive force

Why isn't the supply voltage DC instead of AC for a transformer?

A transformer relies on an alternating current in order to work. An electrical transformer converts electromotive force to magnetomotive back to electromotive. In order for an electromotive force to be induced by a magnetic field, the field must be moving.

Electromotive force is also known as?

Electromotive force is also known as emf. It refers to the voltage given by an electrical energy source like dynamo or battery.

Is electromotive a physical or a chemical property?

Its a physical property as it is not involved with chemical reactions.