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Ive met her befor we went to a Girls aloud concert years ago so i cant rememeber her name clearly so i think it was eaden

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Isabelle was her real name but she likes to be called Belle

Beauty's name in the movie is actually Belle.

No they are not real sisters. Rocky's real name is Zendayia Moore. CC name is Belle Thorne.

Her real name was Isabella Maria Boyd. She gave information to General Stonewall Jackson.

Actually there are more. Sleeping Beauty (real name Aurora), Cinderella (real name Aschenputtel, changed in the 1600's), Beauty (real name Belle), Little mermaid (real name Ariel), and Snowwhite.

Belle and Beast they don't say his real name in the movie

the name of `taylor` also `belle taylor` is jessica tovey.

The Jesse Belle is a real ship. The captain named it after his true love, Jesse Belle.

none none Her real name was isabelle baumfree, and her parents called her belle

Camilla Belle but Joe broke up with her........Joe is SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Maria Isabella Boyd Isabelle Maria Boyd Isabelle Sarah Maria Boyd

If you are talking about the little girl named May-Belle (Jess's sister) her real name is Bailee Madison or if you are talking about Leslie then her real name is AnnaSophia Robb

yes the belle witch is real . ive seen her myself .

Mau-Mau and Baumfree/ I found there names in a book about Sojourner Truth whose real name was Isabella but every one called her Belle

The beauty's name is Bell and beast name is Beast.Her name is Belle the story does not reveal the Beast's real name, who is in fact an enchanted prince. So pretty much you just call him Beast.

Nope!its all Make believe!

No his a made up suite life on deck ghost

Belle Thorne is zendaya best friend

She is real beautiful woman, kisses to you, beautiful lady.

you have to type in 0824577163 her home is .......8742361948372219 her sisters is 08326282

no its not real i searched all over the iternet and i found nothing

If you want the real deal, go to the source and get a branded Disney costume from their store. But for a look-alike style try

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest - 1996 The Ballad of Belle Bonnet 1-19 was released on: USA: 19 September 1996

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