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Verbal abuse is usually the cause of emotional abuse. Tell a young person that they are of no worth enough times they will start to believe it.

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Q: What is emotional and verbal abuse?
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Is verbal and emotional abuse of a child illegal?

If it is not, it should be.

Verbal abuse falls under what category?


What is a form of emotional abuse?

A form of emotional abuse could include taking away rights or privileges without Physical, sexual or verbal abuse.

What are the five types of abuse?

physical, emotional, sexual, mental and verbal

Is it illegal for parents to emotionally abuse their kids?

Verbal abuse is a type of abuse (leaves no scars with the acception of scarring the mental state of the person receiving the verbal abuse) so no, there is no law against verbal abuse.Yes, it is illegal for parents to emotionally abuse children. Often the emotional abuse has a physical part as well. The emotional abuse is harder to prove, but it can be done and parents can be loose children because of it. I am going to disagree with the person above concerning emtional abuse. Emotional abuse is not only verbal it can also be physcial. An example would be a parent locking a child in a closet for hours or making them stand in an exact position for hours. This is emotional abuse and it is illegal.

Do teens who suffer verbal and emotional abuse from parents do badly in school academically?


What is direct child abuse?

Any form of emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, and neglect.

What are the Signs of verbal emotional abuse?

Delayed social devlopment, negative self image...

What can domestic include?

Sexual assault, physical attacks, verbal, psychological and emotional abuse

Can violence be verbal?

No, but there is such a thing as verbal/emotional abuse that can sometimes be much worse & more hurtful to the victim than physical violence.

What should you do if your dad is hurtful but does not abuse?

You can't be HURTFUL and not abuse. Abuse can be verbal, emotional & mental. Talk to someone about it. Perhaps a school counselor or priest.

What can domestic violence include?

Sexual assault, physical attacks, verbal, psychological and emotional abuse

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