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Enteral feeding is used to feed patients who can't feed themselves or swallow. A nasogastric tube (tube passed through the nose and down to the throat and to the stomach) allows food to be put into a person without having them swallow.

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Q: What is enteral feeding?
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Is tube feeding enteral or parental nutrition?

Tube feeding is an example of Enteral nutrition

How do you feed a comatose patient?

Can be by Enteral feeding (NGT feeding , PEG or PEJ)

What is the Medical Term meaning tube feeding?

enteral feeding. Gastrostomy tube

What kinds of patients need enteral feeding?

Enteral feeding is used for in-patients who have a functioning gastrointestinal tract but are unable to eat or are unable to meet nutritional requirements with an ordinary diet and the addition of supplements. Enteral feeding is not used for patients with gastroinestinal obstruction, prolonged ileus or severe bleeding in their gastrointestinal tracts.

What kinds of tablets cannot be crushed for enteral feeding?

Enteric-coated products, buccal tablets, sublingual tablets, carcinogenic products, tertogenic products, cytotoxics, and extended-release drugs cannot be crushed for enteral feeding.

What are some advantages of enteral feeding over parenteral nutrition?

Enteral feeding is less expensive, leads to decreased infectious complications, enhances host immune function, improves the maintenance of gastrointestinal structure and function, and can conveniently access the gastrointestinal tract.

What has the author Anita Russell written?

Anita Russell has written: 'Transitional feeding' -- subject(s): Tube feeding, Nutrition Support, Methods, Enteral Nutrition, Artificial feeding, Deglutition disorders

What are the disadvtanges of using small-bore tubes over large-bore tubes in enteral feeding?

Due to its small lumen diameter, small-bored tubes are more likely to be clogged by medicatoins or thick enteral nutrition formulations.

What should be done if the feeding tube becomes clogged during enteral feeding?

The tube can be flushed with warm water or pancreatic enzyme/sodium bicarbonate. The Clog Zapper can also be used to unclog it.

What is a tube enterostomy?

a form of enteral or intestinal site feeding that employs a stoma or semi-permanent surgically placed tube to the small intestines

Why are enteral nutrition procedures that utilize the gastrointestinal tract preferred over intravenous feeding or parenteral nutrition?

they maintain the function of the intestines, provide for immunity to infection, and avoid complications related to intravenous feeding.

What would you call by way of the intestines in a medical context?


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