What is epitheial tissue?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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"Epithelial" tissue is made up of flattened layers of cells that protect what is underneath. We have them lining our mouth & throat as well as in the vagina & anus. Our skin is also made of epithelial tissue, but it has 'hardened' to protect us from rougher use than the other areas handle.

Since your question is listed in the reproductive search areas, you may also be wondering about "pap smears." Your cervix (the narrow ring-like muscle rim between the uterus and the vagina) is covered with epithelial cells - so during the pap smear, a few of those cells are carefully scraped and placed on a microscopic slide so they can be checked for irregularities such as cancer-type cells.

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Q: What is epitheial tissue?
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What are five different types of tissues?

As you may already understand there are many different types of 'tissue' in the body so I hope these will act as a general selection. Heart Tissue Liver Tissue Lung Tissue Brain Tissue / Nerve Tissue Pancreatic Tissue Almost every organ has tissue which is used to bind the organs together acting as a secondary support for organs. I wonder who says that there are only five: bone, connective, neural, muscle, organ, blood vessels and probably more.

Four types of human tissue?

Epithelial tissue, nearve tissue,connective tissue,muscal tissue!

Is the muscle tissue superficial to the epidermal tissue?

Muscle tissue is deep to epidermal tissue. Epidermal tissue is superficial to muscle tissue.

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The possessive form of the noun tissue is tissue's.

For main groups of animal tissue?

Muscle tissue, nervous tissue, epithelial tissue and connective tissue

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epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, nervous tissue

The type of tissue that covers and protects underlying tissue?


What is a type connective tissue A. glandular tissue B. bone tissue C. nervous tissue D. muscle tissue E. simple squamous tissue?

Bone tissue.

What is the tissues?

Epithelial tissue, Connective tissue, Muscle tissue, Nervous tissue.

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Transitional tissue is a type of epithelial tissue.

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The tissue in the epidermis is called epithelial tissue and the tissue in the dermis is largely connective tissue.

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