The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)

What is eragon about?

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Eragon is About a Boy who lives happily on a farm until he finds a dragon egg in the Spine- a dangerous wood that the greatest hunters are known to fear. the egg hatches into a blue dragon and Eragon names it Saphira. Two fearsome monsters murder Eragon's uncle and Eragon sets on a mission to avenge his uncles death.

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Who is the actor of eragon in the movie eragon?

Edward Speleer.eragon

Who is the author of 'Eragon'?

Eragon was written by Christopher Paolini.

In Eragon the movie who will play eragon?

Ed Speleers played Eragon in the movie.

What is the dragon called in Eragon?

In Eragon the dragon is called Saphira and her rider is Eragon

Is the Eragon Jewish?

Eragon does not have a religion.

In the book 'Eragon' what's the lead character or main dragon's name?

The main characters of Eragon are Eragon and his dragon, Saphira.

Is Eragon a boy?

Yes, Eragon is a boy.

Who is the star character in the Eragon movie?


Who played Eragon?

In the Eragon movie, Ed Speleers, a British actor, plays the character of Eragon.

What is the falling action of Eragon?

the falling action of eragon is when eragon defeats Gulbatorix, the evil ruler.

Who are the riders in Eragon?

Book one in the Inheritance Series is called Eragon. The only known riders in Eragon are Galbatorix and Eragon himself, though at the end of Brom's life Eragon learns that he too was once a rider.

How many Eragon movies are out now?

There is only one Eragon movie called Eragon out right now.

Who is the athor of eragon?

Eragon was written by Christopher Paolini.

Who made Eragon?

Eragon was written by Christopher Paolini.

Who is the author of Eragon?

The author of Eragon is Christopher Paolini.

Where was eragon filmed?

The movie Eragon was filmed in Hungary.

How old is roran in Eragon?

roran is 17 in eragon

Who gets pregnant in eragon?

Katrina was pregnant in Eragon.

Is arya in love with Eragon?

No, but Eragon is in love with Arya.

Is eragon for GameCube?

yes eragon is currently out for gamecube

Is the battle of farthen dur in eragon or eldest?

it is in eragon

Who plays the character eragon in the movie eragon?

the boy who's playing Eragon is Edward speelers...he is soo cute!!

Where was the Film location of Eragon?

Eragon was filmed in parts of Hungary.

Who is eragon in the movie eragon?

Edward Speleers...he is sooo fit!

What is the name of the actor of eragon?

Eragon was played by Ed Speleers.