What is error -60 in Maplestory?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: What is error -60 in Maplestory?
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How do you fix maplestory installation error -40?

This is a common error that occurs when loading up Maplestory. To fix, you can download patch 1.2 that was released on February 13th 2013. This is supposed to resolve all issues relating to error 40.

Maplestory how to make 60 percent?

Training, quests, or PQing.

What is error 2147221000 in Maplestory and how to fix?

Try logging out then logging back in and reloading maple

What is the error 2147467259 on Maplestory?

not an error that just means u have max meso

Why shouldn't you get a maple stroy?

Well, you play MapleStory if you want to, if you don't, well, don't. But MapleStory don't have virus. AVG say "There is a virus in MapleStory.exe", but its just a error. In AVG 2011 this don't happen, however.

I cant get into Maplestory it says trouble logging into the game go to Maplestorynexonnet did I get banned or did a hacker mess up Maplestory?

Uhm - When did you get this "Trouble"? Before after Big bang patch, some people did get this error. Start from the website.

Why is Maplestory being Stupid. I Try To open it and it says something about a HackShield Update Error?

Redownload it,happened to me once.It works.

How do you fix the game guard error so I can play Maplestory?

Well, im not sure, but maybe you did not download it right, or there was an error Im not completely sure about this but if you would like try it Ineedhelp101

Why did the hackshield on Maplestory currupt?

I've read somewhere that if you have this error you must download and install the game again. Try this it may help

What time does Mano appear in Maplestory?

its spawns every 35-60 minutes in thicket around the beach 3

How much hp does marbas have in Maplestory?

Marbas has about 2,500 Hp and 150mp. He gives 60 exp, and is level 25.

Why do you disconnect two minutes after starting Maplestory there is no error code?

It happens sometimes. Just wait a little while or restart your computer/laptop.