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I think that year it came with the 7.3l and the 6.0l. I have the 7.3l and pull trailer 24/7 (24ft trailer aprox 8000lb gross) in town start and stop, and highway two days a week and get around 11-12 mpg. I'm not heavy on the throttle.

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Where is the belt tensioner on a ford 2003 f350 6l diesel? i need to loosen so that i can replace the alternater

No, the 2003 Ford F350 rims will not fit on a 1999 Ford F350.

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6.0L Power Stroke Diesel 2003 - 2007 F250, F350 pickup and F350+ Cab Chassis, 2003 - 2005 Excursion and 2003 - 2009 vanSPONSORED BY:

It seems to be around 13/18 city/Hwy

where does the oil pressure regulator on a ford f350 diesel truck

14-19 mpg just depends on what kind of drive train

According to the 2003 Ford F-350 , 7.3 L Diesel Supplement : With engine oil filter change : ( 14.2 litres / 15.0 U.S. quarts )

how do i down load a wiring diagram for a f350 6.0 diesel engine compartment

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speed control doesn't work what do you look for


If you are the owner of a Ford F350, you should check your owner's manual. If you do not own the vehicle you can either check online at the Ford website, or visit your closest Ford dealership.

The towing capacity of a 2001 Ford F350 dually diesel 4x4 truck is 8,250 pounds. This allows the truck to safely transport all but the largest trailers and boats.

depends it the truck has been lifted. if not you can go 33in and 35 with a front end leveling kit

i need the diagrames for the suspension of a 1994 ford f-350 2wd

Yes, the rims off a 2002 Ford F350 will indeed fir on a 1999 Ford F350.

on the top of motor round black housing

The Ford F350's take diesel fuel in most instances unless they have been modified to take regular fuel. Be sure to check your owners manual to see which kind of fuel your truck takes.

In my 1986 F350, I replaced a the 6.9 diesel engine with a 1989 7.3 diesel engine. Everything fit. BUT I had to used the glow plug system from the 6.9 system

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