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What is ethernet network?

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"Ethernet network" is a term frequently used to describe a wired computer network using Cat-5 network cables.

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What happens when you plugin the Ethernet cable to your PC?

when ethernet cable is plugged in it is detected by ethernet card. if the cable is connected to network it detects that network and dispalys " you are connected to network"

A sentence for protocol?

Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.Most network cards nowadays use the Ethernet protocol.

What is the name of the central unit that connects all network nodes on an Ethernet network?

A router, switch or hub can be at the center of an ethernet network.

How do you know that your company network is Ethernet or Fast Ethernet?


Commonly used network card?

Ethernet Network Card

What is Ethernet port in computer system?

The Ethernet port connects with a cable to a network.

What is the difference between E1 over IP and Ethernet over E1?

Ethernet over E1 converter (also called E1 network bridge) is to transmit Ethernet data over E1 network (PDH,SDH network etc). The Ethernet port connect to terminal device,computer,Ethernet switch,Ethernet router etc. The device's E1 port connect to mail network(PDH SDH etc).E1 over IP (TDMOIP) is to transmit the E1 data over ethernet IPnetwork. It transports the legacy E1 data through the existing Ethernet or IP network. The typical application is transmit voice and data over wireless radio network.

What are ethernet cables used for?

Ethernet cables are used to connect devices with an Ethernet network card together in a LAN.

What is gigabit Ethernet network?

It's a network operating using the Ethernet protocols at speeds of 1,000,000,000 bits per second or higher.

Which ethernet card can handle gigabit network traffic?

You would need the ethernet card can handle gigabit network traffic cable.

How do you network an Xbox 360 to a PC?

Either on a wireless network or ethernet. Just plug your ethernet cord from your xbox to your computer. or on a wireless network choose the computer you wish.

Diff between Ethernet and intranet?

ethernet is a lan connection.intranet is a private concern network.

What is the primary function of csma CD in an Ethernet network?

it prevents the collision between the data that is sended by the network cards over ethernet networks

Define network card?

A network interface card is used to connect a computer to an Ethernet network

What are the major pieces of networking equipment used to construct an Ethernet network?

ethernet cable, ethernet hub, crossover cable, router

How does data transmit in an Ethernet network?

My answer is not wrong

What characteristic to an Ethernet network using hubs does using an Ethernet switch minimize or avoid?


Ethernet operates at which layer of the TCP IP network model?

network access

Ethernet operates at which layer of the TCP/IP network model?

network access

Why would your laptop need an Ethernet adapter?

If you ever plan to connect your laptop to a wired network, you will need an ethernet adapter. If you never plan to plug it in to a network or if you will always use wireless, an ethernet adapter is not necessary.

Is Ethernet a software or a hardware?

Ethernet is a type of network, so in a way it's both. If you're looking at a computer which says it's Ethernet compatible or contains an Ethernet card, it's probably talking about hardware. These days, chances are that if you have a computer that hooks up to a network that isn't wireless, it's using Ethernet to do it.

What is the example of packet switching network?

IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...

An Ethernet port used for connecting your computer to what device?

An ethernet port is used for connecting your computer to a network.

What hardware is needed for a network?

For the most basic type of network between two computers, all that is needed is an Ethernet cord. For a network of more than two computers, an Ethernet hub and several Ethernet cords are required. For a network that shares a highspeed internet connection, a modem needs to be connected to a router via Ethernet and then Ethernet cords can be used to connect various comptuers to the router. Alternatively, if the computers involved support WiFi, a wireless router can be used.

What is the purpose of an Ethernet Cable?

To connect a network card (of a computer or auxiliary device) to the network.

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