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What is extinction of wildlife?

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Extinction is when the last member of a species of animal is killed. In some places the whole of ecosystems are being wiped out

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What definition of wildlife extinction?

is a extinction of animal in the forest.

What is the cause of wildlife extinction?


What is the need to conserve wildlife?

primarily to prevent extinction

Why do you want to protect your wildlife from extinction?

i want to save wildlife from extinction because i want the diverse range of animals we are lucky enough to enjoy to continue on to be enjoied by future generations

Why conserve wildlife?

There are various reasons that it is important to conserve wildlife. For example, extinction can have a massive effect on the ecosystem.

How do you prevent turtle extinction?

When they are endangered put them in a wildlife reservation.

What are the main causes of extinction of wildlife?

The main cause is: HUMANS

What is the main cause of wildlife extinction in Malaysia?

The main cause of wildlife extinction in Malaysia is deforestation. Experts have predicted that at current rates of forest lost, the rainforests will disappear within a generation.

Are minerals and wildlife are exhaustible natural resources?

Minerals and wildlife are indeed exhaustible natural resources. Wildlife can be exhaustible for example if the species falls into extinction.

What is the solution of wild life extinction?

accepting the fact that we can not cxist with out wildlife.

How does humankind increase wildlife extinction?

By being on the planet.Humans are the scummiest form of life.

What is the impact or danger of wildlife extinction to the people?

More get eaten and global warming.

What impacts wildlife?

Well humans have always impacted wildlife, extinction, change like global warming, Loss of habitat...Many things

How can an average person help the cause of extinction?

help wildlife by saving animals habitats

What statement best characterizes the Endangered Species Act?

it protects wildlife threatened with extinction A+

How can population growth increase the premature extinction of wildlife?

when a predator developes a population growth increase, its prey will be over-hunted and could cause premature extinction

What are the main causes of the extinction of wild life?

the main causes of the extinction of the wildlife is there not saving the animals and let them not to eat for 5 weeks up and let them die

Why is wildlife sanctuary important-?

Wildlife sanctuaries are important because saving animals from extinction and providing a safe place for nature to flourish are beneficial to future generations to visit.

What are some effects from deforestation?

wildlife extinction, soil erosion and floods,soil infertility,global warming.

What can you do to help prevent species extinction?

Stop global warming, stop poaching, increase wildlife area.

What can you do to preserve the Iberian lynx from extinction?

help start a program to save them, have a sponsor or something get help from a wildlife foundation.

What is the purpose of making national parks biosphere reserves wildlife sanctuaries?

The purpose of making national parks biosphere reserves and wildlife sanctuaries is to protect the flora and fauna and to prevent it from extinction.

What are the effect of wildlife extinction?

Wild life extinction has a large effect on the world. Each species plays an important part in the balance of nature. When one animal is gone, this balance is thrown off.

Why do plant and animal species face extinction?

they face extinction because humans are destroying the wildlife and animals natural habitats which means that they have to live in different habitats and they do not adapt quickly enough to survive.

Are African lions going extinct?

They are not as of yet in actual danger of extinction, but they are listed by the World Wildlife Federation as "vulnerable" - extinction may be a possibility in a few years without conservation and preservation of their habitat.