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It should be for the fuel pump.


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FP is an abbreviation for fuel pump. If the car quits when this fuse blows you probably need to replace the fuel pump if the fuel pump wiring circuit checks okay.

Check for FP leaks at the FP regulator and gasket (at TB unit) and possibly leaky pump.

you need to just pull the fuse out that says FP in your fuse box.

it,s in the fuse box in the engine bay in front of the battery,its a square black relay that has fp on it

to the left of your strearing wheel under panel with the light switch

A 98 Chevy Camaro has 200 horspower and about 220 fp torque

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first pass--- 25 fp second pass-- 50 fp third pass-- 50 fp fourth pass-- 1/4 turn

The 14k stands for14 carat gold which is 58.5% pure gold. The "FP" is the hall mark or makers mark of the ring.

you cant get money on fp girls so dont even try only by coupns they give you

That your jewelry is of 18 carat gold. FP has not much significance.

Check to see if you have any spark FIRST. Check the fuse link under the hood in front of the battery. Check the FP shut off switch on the passangers side kick panel. FP relay. (on the same side) The Switch in the dash. Switch over valve on the frame High pressure FP The FPs in the tanks.

You may want to check the fuel pump fuse first. I just had it happen to me. On the panel it is marked fp.AnswerIn my experience changing the ignition module should fix the problem . AnswerIt could be the crankcase position sensor. If no pulses are seen from the sensor, the ignition module will not fire the spark plugs.

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