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Q: What is famous Zimbabwe food?
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What is Zimbabwe famous for?

Zimbabwe is famous for Victoria falls which is one of the seven national wonders in the world :D .

Who is the famous player of Zimbabwe?

It is in Zimbabwe then if the most famous of it would be on the list of all time becomes when the player of all is to the sport becomes. Zimbabwe is had the sport of famous who all time great player.

What country is Africa's famous waterfall located in?


What are famous waterfalls in Zimbabwe and Zambia?

Victoria Falls is on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Who is to blame for Zimbabwe food crisis?

the Government

How do Zimbabwe kids get food?

By buying it or killing aolas

The famous waterfall in Zimbabwe?

Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya.

In which country is the Victoria Falls located?

Victoria Falls is located in Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a famous waterfall on the Zambezi River, and the border between these two Southern African countries runs through the falls.

The famous waterfall in Zimbabwe and Zambia biggest waterfall in Africa?

Victoria Falls

These famous Waterfalls in Zimbabwe Africa are almost a mile wide?

Victoria waterfalls

What famous waterfalls are located in Zimbabwe Africa?

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River

What kind of food do people eat in Zimbabwe?

in Zimbabwe they eat sadzda ,corn ,beef,peanuts[nzungu],sweet potatoes and that's mostly it