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I think it is the same as MISOGYNIST is soneone who hates females..

opposite of this as you might be knowing would be MISANDRIST : someone who hates males.

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What part of speech is misogynist?

The word misogynist is a noun. A misogynist is someone who hates women.

What does misandrist mean?

Male-hating. This is a neologism, a back-formation from the word misogynist, which means female-hating

How do you use the word misogynist in a sentence?

That dude is a total misogynist!

One who does not like women is a misogamist misogynist introvert or a misanthrope?


Psychology of misogynist?

the thoughts, behaviour, emotions and motivation of someone who hates / holds prejudices against women because they are female.

One who does not like women is an a misogamist b misogynist c introvert d misanthrope?

A person who does not like women is a misogynist. Misogynists tend to have had their advances spurned by a woman, and so they take their wounded pride and anger out on the female portion of the populace.

What is the female version of bull?

The female version of a bull is a cow!! :)

What is the female version of lord?

The female version of lord is lady.

What does massageanist mean?

That seems like a misspelling of the word misogynist. A misogynist is someone who hates women.

Is there a female version of Come as you are by Nirvana?

Yes there indeed is a female version of "Come as you are"

What mysogamist is?

You probably mean on of these two words: misogynist or misogamist misogynist -- a woman hater misogamist -- a marriage hater

What actors and actresses appeared in The Misogynist - 2011?

The cast of The Misogynist - 2011 includes: Rhea Sandstrom as Allison

What is the opposite of misogynist?

opposite of misogynist per misskoriellis1.misandrist (Hatred of men) 2.philogynist (A lover or friend of women; one who esteems woman as the higher type of humanity; -- opposed to misogynist)

Does supriya rathore sang female version of emptiness?

yes, supriya sang the female version........

One who does not like women is an?


One who does not like women is a?


What is the word for a woman hater?


What is a sentence you can make with the word misogynist?

Jack the Ripper could be considered a misogynist to the extreme due to the brutal ways in which he murdered women.

What is the male version of fiance?

Fiancé is the male version. Fiancée is the female version.

What is the female version of the name Todd?

There is no female version of the name "Todd", it can be a last name, it's meaning is "fox".

What you call person who hates girls?


Word for men who hate women?

A misogynist

What do you call a Men who hates women?

A misogynist.

What is the Female version of amadan?

The Gaelic word for a female idiot is óinseach.

What is the female version of an abbot?

an abbess