What is flat mean in spanish?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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If you mean flat as in flat tire... that would be desinflada while the whole word for flat tire is la llanta desinflada.

If you mean 'apartment' - piso

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Q: What is flat mean in spanish?
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What does liso mean in spanish?

It means smooth, or flat

What is the meaning of razu in Spanish language?

i think you mean raso which is flat

What does prima chata mean in spanish?

"flat or small nose cousin"

Does salar mean salt flat in bolivian?

The main language of Bolivia is Spanish (about 80%). 'Salar' means 'to salt' in Spanish, so it's likely the Spanish word for salt flat is something similar.

What does un piso mean from spanish into english?

'One floor', also 'a/one flat/apartment'.

What does the Spanish word comal mean?

The Spanish word "comal" translates into English as a "griddle". A griddle is a flat, heavy earthenware pan which is used in the UK for cooking flat scones or pancakes. In Spain it might have been used to cook tortillas.

How do say flat in spanish?

llanura = (a) flat (area) plano/a = flat (adjective) piso = flat (apartment)

What does the spanish word mesa mean?

Actually, it is a Spanish word. It means table. The word is also used for a flat topped hill, since it looks like a table.

How do you say i live a flat in spanish?

Did you mean "I live in a flat"? If so, then it's "Vivo en un apartamento." It's a cognate with the American-English word for flat -- apartment.

What does mesa verde mean in English?

Mesa verde is Spanish for "green mesa" - a mesa being a flat-topped mountain or piece of high ground.

What does the word moneda mean from spanish to English?

The word "moneda" in Spanish means "coin" in English. It refers to a small, flat, typically round piece of metal or a stamped official piece of paper used as money.

What does domino mean in Spanish?

what does domino mean in spanish