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Flora denotes the plant life in a particular region (fauna, likewise denoting the animal life).
Flora is normally defined as the plant or vegetation life in a specific region or period of time.

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Does usual flora mean normal flora?

Yes, usual flora, normal flora, and typical flora are all normal results.

Are lichens flora or fauna?

Lichens are flora - plants.Lichens are flora - plants.

Who saves flora in the book flora segunda?

Flora saves herself.

What is bacteria - flora or fauna?

Bacteria is considered flora.Bacteria is considered flora.

What is intestinal 'flora'?

You have a lot of "good" bacteria in your intestines, these are the intestinal flora.

What is the birth name of Flora Disney?

Flora Disney's birth name is Call, Flora.

What is the birth name of Flora Finch?

Flora Finch's birth name is Flora Brooks.

Where is the Flora Public Library in Flora located?

The address of the Flora Public Library is: 216 North Main Street, Flora, 62839 1510

Is Flora butter or margarine?

Flora is a margarine.

What types of flora is in the ocean?

Aquatic flora.

How do you make a sentence with flora?

The scents of this exhibit's flora are intoxicating! The flora and fauna will differ by region.

What is the birth name of Flora Plumb?

Flora Plumb's birth name is Flora June Plumb.

What is the birth name of Flora Robson?

Flora Robson's birth name is Flora McKenzie Robson.

What is the birth name of Flora Foster?

Flora Foster's birth name is Flora E. Foster.

What is the birth name of Flora Bramley?

Flora Bramley's birth name is Flora Ethel Bramley.

Where did the word flora come from?

Flora means plantlife and flowers. Flora was a romantic goddess. The beginning of flower FLO also found its way to Flora.

Please use the word 'flora' in a sentence?

Flora and fauna vary from biome to biome as well as by altitude. My Aunt Flora baked cookies! The flora of California's deserts are remarkably adaptable.

What is the value of skin flora?

In general, your "normal" skin flora protect you from "rogue" flora which might do you harm.

What is the birth name of Flora Lillo?

Flora Lillo's birth name is Angiolillo, Flora Alba Adele.

What is the birth name of Flora Montgomery?

Flora Montgomery's birth name is Flora Anne Selina Montgomery.

What is the difference between resident bacterial flora and transient bacterial flora?

Bacterial flora are microorganisms that live on the skin. Resident bacterial flora are always there, while transient bacterial flora are just temporarily passing through.

What does flora mean?

flora is the flowers in a given area

What is China's flora?

China's flora is cherry blossom

Where does flora come from?

Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers.

Fauna or flora refers to a plant?

Flora = plants