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It's foreskin, not forkskin. Foreskin is the skin that covers the glans penis (penis head). Every male is born with it, but it's sometimes removed by circumcision. The only countries in which the majority of the population are circumcised are USA and Israel. Jewish people circumcise their boys for religious reasons, while Americans do it by tradition. The foreskin protects the glans and keeps it healthy and shiny, while circumcision allows the glans to become tough and less sensitive. During sexual intercourse the foreskin bunches up stimulating the female g-spot while cushioning penis and the vagina from friction causes by the bare glans rubbing against the vulva. Most men with a foreskin can retract it at well, and some do this to urinate or masturbate. Most men's foreskin will retract by itself when the penis becomes erect. In this state intact, and circumcised penises look the same other than the frenulum on the intact penis. If you want to learn more, read the wikipedia article on the foreskin.

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Q: What is forkskin?
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