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I have heard it is around 180. But once you pass 160 the IQ measurement is not very accurate.

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Q: What is former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's IQ?
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What former Secretary of State had a brief gig as the weatherman on CBS?

Henry Kissinger

Who wrote The White House Years?

Henry A. Kissinger, the former Secretary of State wrote the White House Years

Who was Nixons secretary of state?

Richard Nixon's Secretary of State was Henry Kissinger.

What role did Henry Kissinger play in the Nixon administration?

Kissinger was the Secretary of State

What position is Hilary Rodham Clinton?

Currently, Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State.

Who is the state of Missouri Secretary of State?

Robin Carnahan. She is the daughter of former Missouri Governor, Mel Carnahan.

What position did Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have at Harvard?

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had a long list of international law and government education. At Harvard he was a professor of government.

What cabinet member is responsible for maintaining our relationships with foreign countries?

The cabinet member that is in charge of foreign affairs is the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is John Kerry who is a former Senator of Massachusetts.

Who is Secretary of State Now?

former first lady Hillary Clinton

Who is the present U.S. Secretary of State?

Since there has been an election and a new president (Donald Trump), there will be a new Secretary of State when his administration takes control in late January 2017. But in 2016, during the remainder of the Barack Obama presidency, the current Secretary of State is John Kerry, who was a former senator from Massachusetts. Prior to him, the Secretary of State was Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady and former senator from New York.

Who is under secretary of state under obama?

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, former NY Senator, wife of Bill Clinton.

Who was securtary of state during Nixon?

Nixon's Secretary of State was Henry Kissinger.