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Q: What is formula for calculate maturity amount?
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How do you calculate maturity value of a note?

Find the amount of interest added at each compounding interval (also called the periodic rate).Calculate the interest added for the first time interval.Add the interest to the value of the debt security to find the ending value for the period.Use a formula to calculate maturity value.

What is the formula to calculate annual percentage yield?

It is 100*(Amount at end of year / Amount at start of year - 1).

How is the formula derived in getting the original amount given the rate and the new amount?

I would take the equation to calculate the new amount, and solve it for the original amount.

Is the amount of promissory note is called maturity value?

No, the amount of the promissory note is the face vale not maturity value. Maturity value is the value of the money on the promissory note after a period of time.

What is 23 percent of 175?

we can calculate any percentage on any amount by this formula, percent *amount /100 ; thus by this formula we will get , 23*175/100 = 40.25 therefore 40.25 is 23 percent of 175

Is ppf amount taxable after maturity?

No. it is not taxable

What is the formula to calculate load voltage?

Power requirements are measured in KVA, which stands for Kilo-Volt-Amperes. To calculate the amount of power you require you would use the following formula. KVA = Volts * Amps / 1000

What is the formula to calculate the period of a wave?

you find the formula... then you calculate it. Its that simple.

What is time to maturity?

Time to maturity is the amount of time left before an investment instrument can be exchanged for cash. If the instrument is withdrawn before maturity, there is will fines.

What one of these is not usually associated with bonds a coupon rate b maturity value c face amount d maturity rate?

Coupons, face amount, maturity value and maturity rate all are associated with bonds. Coupons are a type of bond and the face amount tells how much the coupon is worth until it matures, gaining interest.

What is the formula for percent compostion?

A/B=X/100. A=number you are trying to calculate, B=amount which you are calculating it from, X= percentage

If the formula to calculate work is distance divided by time how do you apply the formula?

You would have a very tough time, because that isn't the formula to calculate work. (distance) divided by (time) is the formula to calculate speed. The formula to calculate work is: (force) multiplied by (distance).