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Distance travelled / time taken to travel the distance

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Speed = (distance traveled in some period of time) divided by (time to cover that distance)

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Q: What is formula is used to calculate speed?
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Which formula is used to calculate kW from HP?

what formula is used for calculate flow rate of pump vs kw

What is the formula used to calculate the weight of an object if you were given the mass in kilograms?


What is its wavelength in Plexiglass where light travels at 67 percent of its speed in air?

This depends on the frequency (or color) of the light. There is a formula to calculate it: w = v / f Where w is the wavelength, v its speed and f its frequency.

Can we calculate distance between sun and earth by using formula s equals vt?

This method assumes a constant speed, and can be used if there is an object travelling from Sun to Earth, or from Earth to Sun (at constant speed, of course), and you know both the speed and the time it takes. It doesn't seem to be a very practical method in this case. Note that if you throw an object toward the Sun, it will go faster and faster, due to the Sun's gravitation, so you wouldn't have a constant speed. You can use the equivalent formula with integrals, of course.

What is Slovin's formula?

Slovin's formula is used to calculate the sample size (n) given the population size (N)and a margin of error (e). It is computed as n = N / (1+Ne2).

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What formula is used to calculate motion?

You can use a graph to calculate speed.

How do you calculate the distance and object has traveled?

One formula that is often used is: distance = speed x time

What is needed to calculate kinetic energy?

Mass of a body and its speed are needed to calculate kinetic energy. Kinetic energy of an object = mv2/2 This formula is useful only when object's speed is much less than speed of light.

What is the formula to calculate speed from RPM of an engine?

== distance x time== speed ==

How do you solve for the speed of the wave give the formula?

One commonly used formula for waves is: speed (of the wave) = frequency x wavelength If you know any two of these pieces of information, you can calculate the third one.

If the formula to calculate work is distance divided by time how do you apply the formula?

You would have a very tough time, because that isn't the formula to calculate work. (distance) divided by (time) is the formula to calculate speed. The formula to calculate work is: (force) multiplied by (distance).

What is the formula used to calculate?

the formula used to calculate a slope is: m=y2-y1/x2-x1

What is the formula used to calculate slope?

the formula used to calculate a slope is: m=y2-y1/x2-x1

What eqution do you use to calculate speed?

To calculate average speed, you measure how long it takes(T) to get from point A to point B. Then you use the formula below: speed = (B - A)/T

How can you calculate the distance using the formula?

There are several formulae for different cases. For the case of a constant speed, use the formula: distance = speed x time.

Which formula you use to calculate for the speed of light in water?

Speed of light in water = speed of light in vacuum/refractive index of water

What is the formula for instantaneous speed?

calculate the distance traveled by the time taken