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What is forshadowing?

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Foreshadowing is when the author of a piece of writing hints at or suggests an event that will develop later on in the plot of the story. An example of foreshadowing in a story is the use of prophecy or omens. One famous literary piece that makes use of foreshadowing through prophecy is Oedipus Rex. An oracle tells the King of Thebes that he will have a son who will later kill him and marry his wife, Jocasta. This foreshadowed the actual events that later came to pass.

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An example of forshadowing?

examples of foreshadowing

When an author hints to what is about to happen a text is called?


A hint of what's to come next in a story is called?


What does forshodowing mean?

forshadowing means to see what happens in the future

Why do you have crushes?

Crushes are used for experimenting relationships. They are forshadowing themselves for the future.

A sound of thunder forshadowing examples?

its a latterly term in which the dramatic affect happens in.

What is the foreshadowing Maniac Magee?

the forshadowing of maniac magge is in chapter last paragraph.

What information does common sense has?

common sense has like names and dates and forshadowing

What does the literary device forshadowing mean?

It's giving an indirect hint of an event to come, through an unassociated observation. Observing that the moon was "blood red" on a particular night might be the authors way of forshadowing the shedding of blood in the story.

What literary element could Carlson's gun be an example of in the book of mice and men?


What is the use of hints or clues to indicate events or situations that will occus later in the plot?


In romeo and Juliet what is meant by death marked love?

the tearm "Death marked love" is a way of forshadowing.

What would be three literary devices for the short story cranes?


Foreshadowing in the story The Cask of Amontillado?

Forshadowing is used in this story because Poe makes the suspense high with the readers.

Ricardo and Malik should have paid attention when they heard a sudden clap of thunder at the very instant they chose to ditch school?


How does Oedipus' curse on the murderer foreshadows a tragic outcome for the drama?

well i mean it was kind of ironic becaue this was his fate but i dont know how it would be forshadowing....

Foreshadowing in the prologue of tuck everlasting?

forshadowing is often used at the end of a chapter. in tuck everlasting, it's in the last sentence of the prologue. "But sometimes people fine this out too late."

Why do authors use forshadowing?

You foreshadow coming events to create tension, because the reader then spends time worrying about what's coming and biting their nails as they see the characters blundering right into it!

What are some examples of forshadowing in Chapter 1 'Of Mice and Men'?

When George told Lennie where to hide if there was any trouble that they would run into in the next town is an example of foreshadowing in chapter 1.

Give some examples of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men?

An example of forshadowing is when carlson's dog gets killed it shows that someone else in the story is getting killed. I am writting a synopisis for Of Mice and Men right now :)

How does Laurie Halse Anderson use foreshadowing in the book 'Speak'?

Any time she ever had an encounter with Andy before the end of the book, it was forshadowing of their final conflict and the unravelling of the Summer party and the mystery surrounding it.

What is foreshadowing in story?

It's using techniques and language to hint at what's about to happen or what will eventually happen. a better option would be: forshadowing is cool when you use it in stories becasue it gets the reader into the book and wants them to read ahhead *ahead

What are the three main stylistic differences between the mystery genre and the suspense genre?

The main difference betwen the mystery and the suspense genre's are that the mystery genre has a detective or superhero tyring to resolve an issue, and a suspence genre has forshadowing, ironic events and a great deal of symbolism.

What techniques of Richard Wagner is used by movie producers?

many producers use leitmotifs which are phrases that signal something for example: jaws when the shark is coming it plays the same music every time wagner uses leitmotifs for characters and for feelings such as love he also has some that signal forshadowing such as: trouble coming

What is The Hunger Games foreshadowing?

The Hunger Games could be foreshadowing many things maybe one day we might not have the rights and the freedom we do today. It might be forshadowing world war 3 ... someone coming into power for all the wrong reasons... and people growing hatred of that person causing a war. It all depends on what angle you look at the series in.

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