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What is four and one sevenths minus one and three sevenths?


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2 and 5/7 (i think)


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Answer: four-sevenths. One minus three-sevenths is four sevenths

The answer to this question is three and 4 ones.

the answer is 2 and six sevenths. because you have to borrrow the 4 and make it a three and add the 5 and 7 to get 12 over 7 then you subtract the whole numbers and fractions as usual

Three sevenths is .4286, one third is .3333, three sevenths is larger.

Nine sevenths, or one and two sevenths.

Four minus two and three-eighths equals one and five-eighths.

Two thirds is four sixths. One sixth minus four sixths is minus three sixths, which is also minus one half.

a minus three minus an neative one is a negative four

two fifths, three sevenths, four nineths, five elevenths

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 12 1/7 - 10 5/7 = 1 3/7 or one and three sevenths.

two forty-fifths or one twenty-eighth

Three and seven eights

It is: 5/7 minus 1/4 = 13/28

It is: 6/7 minus 1/3 = 11/21

no. four sevenths is over one half and one fourth is half of one half so how would one forth and four sevenths be the same?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 2 1/3 - 6 19/21 = -4 4/7 or minus four and four sevenths.

Three twelves is 36. Four twelves is 48. 36 - 48 = -12. Three twelfths - fourth twelfths equals minus one twelfth.

Four minus three equals one. (Or, 4 - 3 = 1.)

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