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What is friction and how does it affect the swing of a pendulum?

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Friction is just resistance to movement due to sliding surfaces or to air flow. For a pendulum it will be due to two things: one the resistance in its support bearing, the other to the air resistance of the pendulum itself. Thus energy is gradually lost and the pendulum will eventually come to rest unless it gets a little kick as required, this is supplied in an old clockwork mechanism by the spring which you wind up every week or whatever.

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What variables affect the swing of a pendulum?

-- friction in the pivot -- air moving past the pendulum -- the effective length of the pendulum -- the local acceleration of gravity

How can you make a pendulum swing without stopping Is it possible?

Every time the pendulum swings back and forth, some energy is lost to friction. Friction with air, and friction in the supporting string or whatever. If you manage to reduce this friction (for example, reduce air friction by making the pendulum swing in a vacuum), it will swing longer. However, you won't be able to reduce energy losses completely; it may swing longer, but not forever.

What factors affect the swing of a pendulum?

Air resistance, Gravity, Friction, The attachment of the pendulum to the support bar, Length of String, Initial Energy (if you just let it go it will go slower than if you swing it) and the Latitude. Amplitude only affects large swings (in small swing the amplitude is doesn't affect the swing time). Mass of the pendulum does not affect the swing time. A formula for predicting the swing of a pendulum: T=2(pi)SQRT(L/g) T = time pi = 3.14... SQRT = square root L = Length g = gravity

Can a pendulum swing in vacuum?

More than in an atmosphere; there is no air friction to slow the pendulum down in a vacuum.

Does the height of release affect the swing of a pendulum?


How can you make a pendulum swing for a longer period of time?

Make the pendulum longerMake the pendulum heavierMake it swing in a vacuumLubricate the pivot point to reduce frictionItem 1 is the only way to make the "period" longer. The period being the time to complete a cycle. The other suggestions will make the pendulum swing for a longer time but will not affect the period.

Can a pendulum swing in water and in air and in a vacuum?

Yes. In a vacuum, the only resistance is the friction in the suspension for the bob of the pendulum. Other than that, it should swing a long time. In air, friction with air will add to the friction in the suspension and it won't swing as well as it would in a vacuum. But it will swing for a while. A pendulum will swing in water, but the hydrodynamic drag will make it stop in a really, really short period of time. Just a couple of swings will strip the pendulum of almost all its energy. And the speed of the pendulum will be slower than in air, and it won't swing anywhere nearly as far through the bottom of its arc as it did in air.

Does weight affect the rate at which a pendulum swings?

No weight is not a factor in the speed of a pendulum swing

How does the amplitude of a pendulum affect it's swing?

it doesn't

What affects the speed of a pendulum?

The speed (magnitude of the velocity) of a pendulum is greatest when it is at the lowest part of it's swing, directly underneath the suspension.The factors that affect the period of a pendulum (the time it takes to swing from one side to the other and back again) are:# Gravity (the magnitude of the force(s) acting on the pendulum)# Length of the pendulum # (+ minor contributions from the friction of the suspension and air resistance)

What changes can you make to affect the pendulum so that it can swing more or less swings in 15 seconds?

You can affect the pendulum to move down or up and it will be will might be 11 or 12 seconds because of the length and how you want the pendulum for it to move.

How does the length of a pendulum affect the time for one complete swing?

As the length of a pendulum increases, so does the time taken for one swing (the period of oscillation). A shorter pendulum will make swings more quickly than a longer pendulum.

When a pendulum swing stops its energy is changed into what?

A pendulum will lose energy in two ways: 1. by friction with the air, 2. by friction in its supporting bearing. Both these energy losses will produce heat.

Is the ending and starting height of the pendulum exactly the same?

No, the swing of the pendulum will never carry it back quite as high as it was when it started. The pendulum must work against air resistance, and so a little bit of momentum is lost with every swing. Even if the pendulum operated in a vacuum, there would still be some tiny amount of friction at the point where the pendulum is attached to its frame. The swing of a pendulum is never 100% efficient. So the pendulum will run down.

What is fiction how does it affect the swing of a pendulum?

A swinging pendulum follows a simple physical path that is described as simple harmonic motion. A frictionless pendulum would swing forever. Friction generates heat which radiates away energy from the system. Therefore friction will cause the pendulum to slow and stop as all the energy gets removed from the S.H.M. If you rig up a way to replace the lost energy, then the pendulum will continue to swing. This is the method used in a pendulum clock. The energy put into the wind up spring will replace the energy lost due to friction until the spring winds down. The key point is "energy is conserved" which means you cannot create or destroy it. You can only move it from one place to another or convert it into something else.

Can a pendulum swing forever?

No because of either one of the followings: friction weight kinetic energy or potential energy All of them can cause it to not swing forever.

What Affects the Swing of a Pendulum?

The length affects the swing time of a Pendulum the most.

How is pendulum swing related to teaching approaches?

how is pendulum swing related to teaching process?

Which swing more-heavier pendulum or lighter pendulum?

A heavier pendulum will swing longer due to its greater inertia.

Which swing more heavier pendulum or lighter pendulum?

the lighter pendulum

What is the swing of a pendulum?

The swing of a pendulum is called an oscillation. The furthest point in each oscillation is the amplitude.

What kind of pendulum is playground swing?

A simple pendulum.

How does the length of a pendulum affect the number of swings in 30 seconds?

If it is a short pendulum, then the leg or whatever you call it has a smaller distance to cover, and therefore can swing faster than a longer pendulum.

Does friction affect the period of a pendulum or metronome?

No, because there's a resoring force from the coil.

How can you make a pendulum to swing faster?

If the pendulum was pushed with a large force or if it was heavier. It might swing faster.