Red Cross and Red Crescent

What is full form of red cross?

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what is full form of RED what is full form of RED

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What is the full form of red?

no full form.

What is full form of the XLPE?

Cross linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

What is the full form of XLPE cable?

Cross-linked polyethylene

What is the full form of cdsm?

Cross Domain Security Methodology

What is the full form of rbc?

Red blood cell

What is the full form of RGB?

Red, Green, and Blue.

What is full form of RGB?

Red Green Blue

What is full form of RED?

Retired Extremely Dangerous

What colors are on the flag of Denmark?

it has red and white colours, in the form of a cross

What is the full form of cb in unicorn bike?

"CB" stands for "Cross Beam".

Full form of rediffmail?

rediff means : "if mail is red"

How to join the red cross?

Contact the Red Cross in your area to join the Red Cross.

The symbol of the red cross organization is a cross colorded in which color?

red, that's why its called the red cross

What are the initials of red cross?

American Red Cross initials are ARC and International Red Cross is ICRC.

What accomplishments did Clara Mcbride Hale make?

she was a nurse during the civil war and established the red cross. One of her biggest accomplishments was that she established the American Red Cross. In the 1870's, officials of the International Red Cross invited her to help form a branch of the service in the U.S. She agreed and led the American Red Cross for its first 26 years.

What is the full form of axe?

Axe ----automatic cross exchange. It is mainly used as tax exchange.

Is red cross religious?

No, the Red Cross is not religious.

What is the red bow with the white cross?

Red Cross

What is the symbol of red cross?

a red crossAnswer:There are three symbols presently in use by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to be used on medical and humanitarian vehicles and buildings. These are:the Red Crossthe Red Crescentthe Red Crystal

Does the red cross have mascot?

No, the Red Cross doesn't have a mascot.

When did the red cross start?

The Red Cross established in 1904

When did he begin the red cross?

The Red Cross was founded in 1863.

How did the red cross get its name?

red cross got it's name from a swiss flag. the cross was red and the background was white.

Did Clara Barton begin the red cross?

She began the AMERICAN RED CROSS. she got influenced by the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS. :)

Which is the other name for Red Cross?

The other name for Red Cross is Red Crescent.