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Gaia is the great mother of all. My hypothesis is that Gaia is the goddess of planets.


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There is no Roman Gaia. - Gaia is the Greek Goddess of Earth.

ˈgädis -goddessˈgīə - gaia

Gaia is the Earth goddess of the Greeks.

Gaia wasn't actually a goddess, but the mother of the Titans. She is the personification of the Earth.

Life on Earth, for Gaia is goddess of the Earth and mother of all life on Earth.

Affect the Earth, which Gaia is the personification of.

Gaia was an earth goddess in mythology.

Gaia as goddess who personifies the Earth, thus the Earth itself is the symbol of Gaia.

The Earth itself is the domain of Gaia.

Gaia is the goddess personification of the Earth. Gaia had many children, among them the twelve Titans, the Cyclops, the Hekatonkheir and the Gigantes. Gaia mated with Ouranos, Pontos, Aither, and Tartaros.

Gaia-Interactive Inc. Unless you mean the earth goddess, Because the earth goddess is a God and has no parents.

She lives in the underworld as the goddess of the earth and creator of The Titans.

In Greek mythology, the goddess of the earth is Gaia Gaia is the greek goddess of earth. Geb is the Egyptian god of earth.

Gaia is the goddess of the Earth itself, from which all life on Earth may find a source.

The ancient Greek goddess Gaia, whatever else she has been, has always been the goddess of earth in myth.

Gaia is the great Greek goddess (female) personification of the Earth.

Greece was the country to worship the Earth goddess called Gaia/Gaea.


Uranus was a god, married to the goddess Gaia.

Gaia is a Greek goddess, originating in the Mediterranean Sea region. In Greek myth, she was born of Aither (Air) and Hemera (Day).

Not as such; no, Gaia is more a personification of the Earth then a personality of her own.

Gaia is the personification of the Earth; therefore the Earth is her symbol.

Well, Before Gaia came to be there was Chaos. Chaos was black nothingness then suddenly there was Gaia the mother eath.

The Earth which she personifies.

She has no description, she was the Earth.

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