What is garment construction?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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convert any fabric to auseful article is known as garment construction.

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Q: What is garment construction?
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What do you understand by drafting?

What do you understand by drafting? why do you it garment construction?

The factors to consider of planning garment?

factors to consider in planning a garment

What is a deconstructed garment?

A garment t A garment t

Where can I study Fashion merchandising in Johannesburg?

LISOF offer a commercial fashion course, have a look at for more information, In order to get into fashion merchandising one needs to have a decent background in garment tech and garment construction so the fashion design colleges are your best bet.

What is the tallest building in Howrah?

The tallest building in Howrah is the Lake View Housing Complex towers (12 storeys). Presently a 20-storeyed garment park, towers of Kolkata West International City are under construction, they will become the tallest after construction.

What Is the garment?

a garment is a type of clothing.

What is separate garment?

the garment which has independent identity is known as a separate garment. it includes either top or bottom. the garment is made and sold separately

What is the difference between fabric and garment?

a garment is some thing you wear (made out of fabric) and fabric is what the garment is made of

Who makes the best cotton?

Mother nature makes the best cotton. (See below.)'Best' is a relative term.Quality elements you can look for in cotton clothing are:Smoothness of the cotton fibers -- how does it feel in your hand?Colour of the garment -- are the colours permanent, or will then bleed in the wash?Construction -- generous seams and hems so you can alter the garment to fit?Design -- does the garment fit your lifestyle and your body, and how long will you be able to wear it before it falls out of fashion?

What do you call a short sleeve cotton garment?


What is limitation of garment companies?

limitation of garment company

What is mean by spirality in garment industy?

garment twist