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Genetically modified food can also be achieved by altering their DNA (or genes) by genetic engineering techniques. This usually involves inserting a gene into the organisms' DNA to create a certain trait.

For example, some corn crops have been genetically modified so that they become more resistant to herbicides and insect pests.

In most countries Genetically Modified foods (GM) as well as foods containing GM source foods have to be labelled by law, giving consumers the choice to use them or not. Agriculturally speaking the opposite of GM foods are "Organic" crops.

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Why do you need genetically modified food?

There is a lot of talk about how genetically modified food is needed, but no real evidence that it is needed.

Animals have been genetically engineered to produce what?

Animals have been genetically engineered to produce more food. Food that is genetically modified is referred to as a GMO or Genetically Modified Organism.

What are harmful effect of genetically modified food to health?

The harmful effects of the genetically modified food to health is that they contain cancerous cells.

Is organic food biotechnology?

No, growing food organically has no connection to biotechnology. Biotechnology produces food that is genetically modified. Organic foods are not genetically modified.

How have apples been genetically modified food?

Apples have been genetically modified to prevent growing when they are cut.

What are genetically modified food and organic food?

for a diet

What can happen if you eat food that's not been genetically modified?

death. Nothing, food that hasn't been genetically modified is natural food. The kind of food people have been eating for thousands of years. Something is more likely to happen to you if you eat genetically modified food.

Is genetically modified food in Lebanon?


Why genetically modified food is required?

It isn't.

What is the difference between organic food and genetically modified food?

organic foods are naturally grown and genetically modified are grown using special chemicals and such

How was genetically modified food created?

Genetically modified food is created in a lab by removing a gene from one organism and forcing it into an organism of a different species.

What is the most common genetically modified food?

The most common genetically modified foods are corn, soybeans, canola, and cotton.

What foods cannot be genetically modified?

Any food that comes from a plant, animal, or other living thing can be genetically modified.

What action has been taken to try and prevent genetically modified food technology developing?

No movement to try to prevent the development of genetically modified food technology is known. There are; however, people who choose not to eat food that is known to be genetically modified, due to questions about the health and environmental effects of genetically modifying plants used for food.

How much of the world's food is genetically modified?

hard to say because it is not always stated on the packaging if it has been genetically modified.Answer:60 to 70% of food in grocery stores are genetically modified. You don't know for sure, but most of what you eat has been genetically modified (unless you eat only organic foods, or something).

How can an organism be genetically modified?

By use of genetic engineering techniques, an organism may be able to be genetically modified. Various organisms ranging from bacteria to food products have been genetically modified in the society.

Why are people so concerned about genetically modified food?

People are concerned about this because genetically modified food is not natural food. It was genetically modified by a human or a machine. In either case, man made machine, and man isn't perfect. So, because of that, people are so concerned.

What are advantages of genetically modified food?

Less pesticides.

What does GMF stand for?

GMF = Genetically Modified Food

When did genetically modifying foods begin?

The first genetically modified food began in 1994. Scientist genetically modified a tomato which didn't ripen so quickly after it was picked.

What are three foods that can be genetically modified?

Any food can be genetically modified through genetic engineering. Three foods that have been genetically engineered are corn, soy, and canola.

Is a pear apple organic or a gm food?

They are genetically modified.

What are the human rights of genetically modified food?

none, not human

What is Genetically modified food about?

Its almost the same as cloning fruit.

What is a farmers point of view on genetically modified food?

i have no clue