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What is global food shortage?

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Food Shortage is when there is not enough food available for people to eat. If a food shortage persists it turns into a famine.

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What is a shortage of food mean?

Food shortage is when there is not enough food. When the amount you have does not equal or exceed the amount that you need, you have a shortage. In this case, the shortage is of food.

What is food shortage?

Food Shortage is when there is not enough food available for people to eat. If a food shortage persists it turns into a famine.

What are the negative effects of global food shortage?

Famine, disease, fighting over limited resources and these are just a few.

What is another word general shortage of food?

general shortage of food

What is a lack of food?

It's when you are on a shortage of food, like when Ethiopia went to their shortage of food lack of food: hunger, famine

What is the main theme of food crisis?

Forget about global warming, diminished energy supplies. Start worrying about a serious world-wide shortage of food in the very near future.

What does shortage mean?

A shortage is not having enough of something. You can have a shortage of food or water or money etc.

What has causedanimals to become endangered?

There are hundreds of reasons, but some very common ones are, food shortage, global warming, habitat loss, and poaching. Is this what you were looking for?

World food problems?

food shortage

Effect from shortage rice?

Food shortage and a possible famine in the area.

What is a 6 letter word for a huge food shortage?

Famine is a six letter word for a huge food shortage.

Can people go extinct?

Of course, if there is shortage of food, etc all around the world. Cause by Global Warming and more. Of course im sure you know it.

What are the possible solutions to food shortage?

Food storages.

When the US entered world war 2 a shortage of what spurred?

a shortage of food spurred

What is famine?

an extreme shortage of food

What is a food shortage?

It is called a Famine

Why there was a shortage of food after the war?


What is a extreme shortage of food?


Another word for food shortage?

Another word for food shortage is famine, scarcity, starvation, lack, absence, unavailability and deprivation.

What is the cause and effect of the food shortage?

Causes of a food shortage are too numerous to list, everything from a drought to poor planning. The effects are a rise in food prices and hunger.

What government can do to prevent food shortage?

Some things that the government can do to prevent food shortage is to:To tell to people to stop wasting foodDonate cans or boxes of food for homeless who aren't as fortunate.

How do you solve theproblem of food shortage?

Food shortage could be solved with rationing out portions. Another idea is to go to food drives in the local community to refill whenever short or out.

A name for severe food shortage?

A famine

What happens to wolves in a food shortage?

they starve.

What is the meaning of food shortage?

a realistic of goodnes

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