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Saskatchewan and Alberta is the only Land locks Region. Saskatchewan is an grassland.

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Q: What is good about Saskatchewan?
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Which three provinces are good agriculture areas?

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Is there any good looking girls in Saskatchewan?

No. No.

How is uranium base good in Saskatchewan?

Uranium is an important resource in the Canadian province Saskatchewan. Uranium is also exported.

Are there any good looking guys in Saskatchewan?

yes there are there are tons

What are differences between Hawaii and Saskatchewan?

Hills and good weather.

Which three provinces in canada are good agricultural areas?

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Capital city of Saskatchewan?

The capital city of Saskatchewan is Regina.Regina is the capitol of Saskatchewan.

Is it sasketchewan or saskatchewan?


What sports teams does Saskatchewan have?

Saskatchewan has the Saskatchewan roughriders and the Saskatchewan huskies

What are people called in Saskatchewan?

people that are from Saskatchewan are called people from Saskatchewan

What are some of the vacation spots in Saskatchewan?

Buffalo pound is a pretty good place for a vacation

What province is the Saskatchewan River in?