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Radiant energy is very cheap and creates the same amount of electricity as other resources. Yet radiant energy can harm skin and cause skin cancer.

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Q: What is good thing and bad things about radiant energy?
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Advantages and disadvantages of radiant energy?

Good things about radiant energy is that it gives off heat, and also can be used as a light source. It isn't however useful in producing large amounts of energy.

What are the good imapcts about radiant energy to society?


Is light kinetic or potential?

good answer but its none of them light energy is radiant energy

Is light kinetic or potential energy?

good answer but its none of them light energy is radiant energy

Is radiant energy bad for your body?

That depends very much on what kind of radiant energy and how much of it you get. A large dose of radiant gamma radiation is very unhealthy. A moderate amount of sunshine (which is radiant energy) is good for you and promotes the production of vitamin D. Too much UV radiation will give you sunburn and can cause skin cancer.

The Earth's surface absorbs more radiant energy from the sun than the atmosphere?

yes the earths surface absorbs more radiant energy from the sun than the atmosphere GOOD LUCK :)

Example of radiant energy?

i don't know but do good on that test kid!just jocking radint energy (light energy) is like when the sun's energy comes to us as radiant heat, clearly there is nothing between sun and earth that can carry the heat energy by other means.

What are 4 types energy?

Heat energy- teachers prefer thermal energy Kinetic energy- movement energy gravitational energy-things fallin down caused by gravity Strain energy- like a elastic band or something Good luck ;)

Good things about tidal?

The Good thing about tidal energy is that is a very clean for of energy. Tidal energy is also renewable. Tidal energy plants could be place along the coast.

What different things do sand and air do with solar energy?

good thing happen to shoes and we rain

A person who has good health would be?

a person who had good health would be good at athletic things as well as mental thing because when a person is in good health they will be able to move around and will have more energy to do more mental things

What is the definition of radiant energy?

It means that something or someone is so bright and shiny that they radiate light. The word radiant usually means something that has a very bright light, radium is named because it gives light.