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You have to be a freshman in university. If you're referring to the Junior ROTC programme, you have to be a freshman in high school.

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Q: What is grade for ROTC?
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What happens if you fail ROTC classes?

If you fail ROTC classes, you do not get to be an officer in that particular unit of the military. You also get a failing grade on your overall grade point average.

How much money does a ROTC teacher earn?

The ROTC instructors in colleges and universities are military personnel and are paid the standard pay rates for their rank and time in grade.

Can you be 13 to enter the army rotc?

You can enter Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC), provided you are least in the 9th grade. ROTC for any branch of service is a collegiate level course.

What should your rank and pay grade as a ROTC cadet be on your reserves military ID?

The rank portion will simply say "CDT" (for "cadet", of course), and the pay grade will be E-5.

What does an ROTC instructor do?

teach ROTC

The end of mandatory ROTC?

The end of mandatory ROTC

Is the ROTC a minor?

ROTC is not in itself a minor. However, you can minor in whatever the main field of your ROTC branch is. For example: if you complete the full curriculum for Army ROTC, you can be eligible for a Military Science Minor, or Aerospace Studies Minor with Air Force ROTC.

Does radford university off navy rotc?

no only army ROTC

In ROTC what rank is three stripes up?

It depends on the ROTC, but it should be the actual military rank.Additional information:Sergeant.Air Force ROTC what rank is that

Do you shoot guns in rotc?

Yes, but not at the start of Junior ROTC. College, yes.

Does unc have an rotc program?

The Chapel Hill campus has Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC. The Charlotte campus has Army and Air Force ROTC. The Pembroke campus has Army ROTC. Don't know about Greensboro, though.

Are all college majors compatible with ROTC?

Yes, all majors are accepted by ROTC