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What is greek word for hunter?

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The Greek word for the English word hunter is kynigos. The Latin word for hunter is venator and in Italian it is said as cacciatore.

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How do you spell hunter in greek?

The word hunter in the Greek language is spelled as kynigos. The word hunter in the Italian language is spelled as cacciatore.

What is the Greek word for hunter?

The Modern Greek for hunter is κυνηγος (kinigos) meaning a dog-leader. The Classical Greek is κυνηγετης, or θηρευτης (künegetays, or thay-reoo-tes).κυνηγός (kinigos)

Which Greek mythology god is the mighty hunter?

Orion is the mighty hunter in Greek mythology.

Is Orion a Greek or Roman hunter constellation?

Orion is a Greek hunter, adopted into the Roman myths.

What is the Italian word for hunter?

The Word for Hunter in Italian is a Cacciatore. The Word for Hunter in Italian is a Cacciatore.

What is the definition of KINIGOS?

It is greek for HUNTER

What is a phrase in Greek for the hunter?


What is the roman word for hunter?

The roman word for hunter is vânător.

What is latin word for hunter?

The Latin word for hunter is venator. The word hunter in Spanish is said as cazador and in Italian as cacciatore.

What is the Chinese word for hunter?


What is the ancient roman word for hunter?

The Latin word for hunter is "venator".

Is The Mighty Hunter a Greek hero?

The mighty hunter hero was; Zeus the all mighty

What constellation was named after a greek hunter?


What is the Native American word for hunter?

English word hunter Shawnee word Chechatonga means Hunter that moves like wind through the trees

The mighty hunter in greek mythology?

The person known as The Mighty Hunter was Artemis. She is the goddess of the hunt.

Make a sentence using the word hunter?

make sentence using the word of hunter

What is the Maori translation of the word 'Hunter'?


What is the word for Hunter in Hebrew?

Hunter = Tza'yad = צייד

Where did the name Orion The Hunter come from?

greek mythology

What is Orions nickname?

the hunter, due to the greek language :)

Who was the greek hero known as the mighty hunter?


Who was The mighty hunter of greek mythology?

Orion is the one

What is Actaeon's favorite sport?

In Greek myth, he was a hunter.

What is the greek god or goddess for the word narcissism?

Actually, Narcissus was a Greek hunter who found himself quite attractive and was eventually turned into a flower because he had been staring at his reflection in the river so long.

What is the Hebrew word for hunter?

Male Hunter = Tsa'yad = ציידFemale Hunter = Tsa'yedet (ציידת)

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