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Pay including all benefits is called a gross pay. However, after deductions carried, it may be termed as "NET" pay or 'take home salary'.

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Q: What is gross pay minus deductions?
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What do you call the number of withholding allowances a worker claims?

The number of withholding allowances a worker claims are called deductions. Gross pay minus deductions is equal to net pay.

When you earn a paycheck is it important to know how to compute the deductions to form your gross pay?

Your GROSS pay is before any deductions. Compute deductions, subtract them from your gross pay, and get your NET pay- that is how much you get to take home.

What is the difference between gross pay and net pay?

Look it up..... You have to read something in order to answer something... Duuhhh.... But its gross pay is net pay minus deductions.

How do you solve monthly gross pay?

Net pay = gross pay - deductions. Or in percentages: Net pay = gross pay x (1 - percentage of deductions / 100) If you have any two of these, you can solve the third. For example, in the last formula: gross pay = net pay / (1 - percentage of deductions / 100)

What is a gross income minus deductions?

It gives net income.

What is the difference between true gross income and gross income?

Gross pay is equal to your salary minus any automatic (non-taxable) deductions such as health insurace and 401K deductions. True Gross pay equals your total salary. Example: An employee gets paid $10 per hour and works for 40 hours. They also have insurance and 401K deductions of a total of $49.80 automatically deducted. Gross pay = $ 350.20 (40 x $10.00 - $49.80) True Gross pay = $400.00 (40 x $10.00)

Does gross pay includes the overtime and bonus payments?

Gross pay is what your pay is before tax deductions.

What is difference between gross pay and net pay?

Gross pay amount is without any deductions while net pay amount is after adjusting the required tax or other deductions.

How do you work the gross pay out?

The gross pay out consists the total pay out that an individual could receive, without deductions coming from taxes, other benefits, etc. The gross pay out includes the individuals' basic pay + the benefits + deductions that will be rendered once the gross pay out is computed.

What is greater gross pay or net pay?

Gross. It's what you earn before any deductions.

Gross income minus any adjustments deductions and exemptions is?

taxable income :)

What is gross income minus any adjustments deductions and exemptions?

taxable income :)

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