What is ground stabilized radar?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Ground Stabilisation as a process has been around since World War 1.

More basic than today the historical use of soil stabilisation has, in

principle, remained the same. Binding powders have been spread

onto existing material, mixed in using a rotovator and compacted


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Q: What is ground stabilized radar?
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What is a radar that allows scientists look in the ground?

It is simply called "ground penetrating radar." It is used for diverse applications from police forensics to geology and geophysics.

What is the difference between radar identification and radar contact?

Radar identified refers to your aircraft's position presented on a ground based radar screen and by using a squawk code in the aircraft which corresponds to the ground based station your aircraft is then identified. Radar control refers to an aircraft already identified on the radar screen and flying in controlled airspace under an IFR flight plan and the ground based station would provide heading, speed and altitude you should fly at.

What is radar communication?

Radar communication is electronic communication without the use of wires. Radar communication can be between a ground terminal, like a cell tower, and a satellite. Or it can be between ground towers and also between two or more satellites.

Why do scientists conduct radar surveys of archaeological sites?

They use "ground penetrating radar". This can detect artifacts and walls, etc. It helps to decide where to dig.

Why do scientists conduct radar surveys of archaeology sities?

Ground penetrating radar allows you to find stuff without digging.

What is ground penetrating radar used for?

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. When the waves hit an object, the receiving antenna can be used to distinguish what it is. This can be used to find precious metals, like gold, underground.

What are the limitations of Maps?

ground clutter and evaporation are the limitations of radar maps

Can long term exposure to Ground Penetrating Radar cause cancer?


How low do you have to fly to fly under radar?

It depends. Flying below radar is usually flying below the equipment used to detect things on radar. It could be a very high tower, hundreds of stories off of the ground, or it could be a satellite just a couple stories off of the ground.

How is the information from radar and satellites different from the information from ground station?

look in your book

How is information from radar and satellites different from the information from ground stations?

look in your book

Who was in charge of ground radar team during ww II?

A Tech Sargent