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Collective nouns for camels are a herd of camels, a caravan of camels, a train of camels, or a flock of camels.

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What is a group of camels called?

A group of camels is called a herd

What is a group of traveling camels called?

A group of traveling camels is a caravan of camels.

What are camels called in a collective group?

The collective nouns for camels is a herd of camels or a caravan of camels.

What do you call a group of camels?

A flock, herd or train of camels.CaravanThey are called a herd.

What is a group of cammels called?

A group of camels who are just hanging around doin' their thing is a Flock. A Caravan of camels, or a Train of camels is generally used to indicate a flock of camels one after the other, on their way to a distant location.

What is a camels foot called?

a camels foot it called a camels foot not a hooves prehistoric camels may have had hooves but present day camels do not so a camels foot is called a camels foot

What is a herd of camels called?

A herd of camels

What are a camels feet called?

Camels have hooves.

What is a row of camels called?

A row of camels... :)

Are camels called plant eater?

No, camels are called camels. Plant eaters are known as herbivores. To answer your question: Yes, camels are considered herbivores, which means that they only eat plants.

What desert animals eat camels?

a group of hawks

What is the opposite gender for camel?

Female camels are called cows whereas Male camels are called Bulls

Where are camels located?

A small group of camels was imported to the deserts of american southwest, and and a herd remains there today, semi-wild

Do camels stay in a group?

baby camels stays in groups with a male adult to protect themand then when they get older they wouldn't have to stay in groups

Does camels live in a group or a herd?

your question is phrased wrong and camels are sollitary animals , not herd animals. the live A:ONE!!

What family group is a giraffe from?

the horse family with zebras and camels

What name is given to a group of camels used for transport?

A camel is a large, long-necked and ungulate mammal of desert countries. A group of camels used for transport is usually referred to as a caravan.

What are baby camels called?


What is a camels penis called?


What is a camels cousin called?


Is camel masculine?

No, "camel" is a generic term, female camels are called cows, male camels are called bulls and their young are known as calves.

What do you call a group of camels used for transport?

A camel train, or a caravan.

People who look after camels are called?


What are the different breeds of camels called?

I is awesome

What are one humped camels called?


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