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The nucleus is 5 Miles (8 Km) wide, and 9 Miles (15 Km) Long

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Q: What is halley comet metric size?
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What was the comet seen by ancient Mesopotamians?

Halley's Comet

Can you walk on Halley's comet?

No you can not walk on Halley's Comet

What year was Halley's comet discovered?

halley's comet was discovered in 1705 by Edmond halley

How did Halley's comet form?

God Created Halley's comet.

What did comet halley do?

Halley's Comet orbits around the sun.

Comet which seen in every 73 years?

That is Halley's comet, named after English astronomer Edmond Halley,

Is Halley's comet the largest asteroid?

No. For one thing, Halley's comet is a comet, not an asteroid. The largest asteroid is Ceres, which is far larger than Halley's comet.

What is Halley's comet mad of?

Halley's comet is not mad, it is merely eccentric.

One of seven heavenly bodies named for their discoveries?

Halley's Comet

What did Edmund Halley invent?

he found halleys comet he found halleys comet

Is Halley's comet a planet or a comet?

It is a comet.

What is the average period of Halley's comet?

Halley's comet has a period of 76 years.