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it is when you cannot control yourself and all over your mind is only sex.

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As hand practice good or bad?

Hand practice is OK.

Is it harmfull if hand practice is not done?

no it is not harm full if hand practice is not done . in my thinking it is very good if hand practice is not done .

Have any effect of hand practice?

There are no negative effects of hand practice.

What is the benefit of hand practice?

hand practice is bad habits hand practice destroy you ______________________________________________________ Hand practice (or menstruation) is harmful to health and is sinful per Islam rules. Refer to question below for details.

Is hand practice is good or bad?

hand practice is extremely bad habit which makes the man weak no religion allow to do hand practice

Is fast is break by sexual hand practice?

Sexual hand practice LOL

Can you get the god while you doing hand practice?

No. The only thing you get while doing hand practice is a wet and sticky hand.

What side effect of hand practice on body?

what are side effort hand practice of man life

How one can controls hand practice give any Islamic solution?

How i can contol itself from hand practice

Will hand practice make you lose penis strength?

No. Hand practice (masturbation) is normal and will not affect you or your penis.

How can you improve left hand piano bass line playing coordination while the right hand is playing the melody?

Practice, practice and more practice.

Side effects of hand practice after marriage?

hand practice is a good for sex no any side effect from hp

Does hand practice have anything to do with confidence level?

no hand practice usually doesn,t have anything to do with a persons confidence level..... but a person who does hand practice regularly or more then that a day feels mental stress.....

How can you improve your lacrosse shot?

for accuracy all i have to say is practice, practice, practice. for speed practice also, but slide your hand down your shaft when you shoot or keep it lower on your shaft. like i usually keep my top hand about 1 inch from your bottom hand

Hand practice is harmful or beneficial?

Hand practice? Masturbation? Causing an abrasion is about as bad as it gets. The occasional hand cramp also. Enjoy, you can't wear it out.

What sort of legs pain cause by hand practice?

want to know how can i get relief from leg pain cause by hand practice..

How you stop hand practice?


What does hand practice mean?


What are the demerits of hand practice?

You get blind!

How hand practice is injurious?

It is not injurious

Hand practice s good or bad for health?

hand practice good or bad it is very bad for health nathing else

How one can cantrols hand practice?

How can i control hand practise please tell me

How do you learn to keep a steady hand?


What are harmful effects of hand practice in males?


Hand practice is harm full for testis?